Packing My Life Away

At the urging of my newspaper advisor, I have created a blog for this summer. Now this summer is not going to be like any other summer for me. I will be spending my summer in Savannah, Georgia interning with the Savannah Morning News. As I love to write and look back on my adventures through writing, I am creating a blog to (hopefully, if I can keep up with it) chronicle my time in Savannah both interning as well as exploring the city and other neighboring cities.

While I will not be leaving for Savannah until May 21 and will not start with the paper until May 26, I decided to start my blog now, well, mostly because I’m bored out of my mind waiting to go home. As of right now I am attempting to pack up my life this summer, as someone will be subletting my apartment as I am gone, reading the newspaper to try to pick out the different stylistic techniques and learn what the current news is and make some lists of things I would like to do while in Savannah. That’s where you, the reader, comes in. I have made a list of things I can find on the Internet but you and I both know the Internet does not always list some of the best things. I have learned that after living in Lubbock for two years. You have to be able to find SOMETHING to do when not in class or working. I think I have made a list of a lot of great options that I found but if you know of anything else I should see while in Savannah or any of the surrounding cities, let me know. I will be making one for Atlanta as well, as I hope to spend some time there. I am also making a places to eat list too, but that will come later. Suggestions for either of those are welcomed.

So for now, here is my “bucket list” you could say, of all the things I want to see:

  • Go walking/shopping/exploring in the Savannah Historic District
  • Take a walk in Forsyth Park
  • Old Fort Jackson (Civil War Fort)
    • $7 per adult
  • Skidaway Island State Park
    • $5 Parking
  • River Street Savannah
  • Blue Orb ModernHauntings Tour
    • $30 per person
  • Oatland Island Wildlife Center
    • $5 per person
  • Wormsloe Historic Site (plantation)
    • $10 per adult
  • Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum
    • $
  • City Market
  • Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge
  • SCAD Museum of Art
  • South Beach
  • Dolphin Magic Tours LLC
  • Savannah Movie Tour
  • Riverfront Plaza
  • Johnson Square
  • Chippewa Square (Forest Gump Bench)
  • Old Savannah Tours
    • $23 per person
  • Savannah History Museum
  • Tybee Lighthouse and Museum
  • Savannah Riverboat Cruise
  • First Friday Fireworks on the River
  • Rose Hill Mansion
    • $25 per person
  • First African Baptist Church
    • $7 per person
  • Boone Hall Plantation
    • $17.50 per person
  • Cypress Gardens
  • Morris Island Light House
  • Drayton Hall
  • Gullah Tour (Charleston)
    • $18 per person

I know some of these are not exactly in Savannah, a few are in Charleston actually, but when you have to drive 10 hours to get to your university from your house, an hour drive does not seem like much. I also know there are quite a few things on my list. Interning and learning as much as possible is my number one focus, so I have highlighted the things I most want to do.

For now I should get back to packing and fervently checking my unofficial transcript to see if my last two grades are posted. Wish me luck and follow me on Twitter ( @KaitlinBain ) to keep up with my posts and soon, hopefully, my article!


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