Trying to Move In

I wanted to stop and get a picture with the Georgia sign. That's my first super cliche picture from this trip. There will be more. I promise.
I wanted to stop and get a picture with the Georgia sign. That’s my first super clichΓ© picture from this trip. There will be more. I promise.

I have officially completed my first day in Savannah. After driving here all the way from Houston, we spent the night in the hotel last night and then moved me into my apartment here today. My mom and I also went shopping for new work clothes, grocery shopping, we went to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant, drove along River Street and then came back to my apartment to unpack some things (the last three things were done with my daddy as well). To say I’m exhausted would be an understatement.

Moving into my apartment was fantastic but also sad. I am pretty bad at goodbyes and I channel it into being…not the nicest person…to the people I am saying goodbye too. I also have control issues. We got everything moved in though and I absolutely LOVE my apartment. I love the room, the setup, the location, everything.

Being in Savannah is a little hard for me though. When I moved to Lubbock to go to school I had the knowledge that I had been there a million times with my family to visit my brother, who was attending Tech at the time, and I lived in a dorm so not only was I able to make friends with my roommate but those living down the hall from me as well. While I have roommates here and the one I have met is really sweet, it is just not the same and even though my parents are at the hotel and I in my apartment as I write this, I feel kind of lonely. Additionally, Savannah is beautiful but there are so many things that remind me of the things I love and miss. The city itself will now remind me of my parents because they started this adventure with me. The fact that there are Arby’s everywhere reminds me of one of my brothers because it is his favorite place and just the other day we were talking about how upset he is that there is apparently only one more Arby’s left in Houston. The amount of hipster vibes and little coffee shops and people riding bikes and walking and enjoying life reminds me of my two best friends. Last, but certainly not least, I do not know if it is because of the holiday weekend or because it is nice outside but the number of couples is astounding. I miss my boyfriend like CRAZY and I definitely cannot wait to share this whole city with him. He’s like the other half of me. It is hard to be missing that half.

It is giant and I cannot wait to start.
It is giant and I cannot wait to start.

We also took the time to drive by the Savannah Morning News, where I will be interning this summer. OH MY GOODNESS. In the words of myself, it is basically a fortress of news. While the only other things I have to compare it to are the Houston Chronicle newsroom, The DT newsroom and the newsroom of the alt weekly I toured in Philly, I still think it’s huge. I cannot wait to start there and learn everything I can. Also, it is in front of the police station and the jail, which I think is rather helpful.

Like I said, we stopped at The Lady and Sons. That’s Paula Deen’s restaurant. It is definitely something you should experience if you know who Paula Deen is and/or enjoy the Food Network. If not, the food is food and unless home style food is your cup of tea, then I would pass on to the next restaurant. There is a menu, but also a buffet, so we elected to do the buffet to try the most things.

My dad took this picture, but it is the outside of the restaurant. I needed a souvenir to put in my scrapbook from The Lady and Sons.
My dad took this picture, but it is the outside of the restaurant. I needed a souvenir to put in my scrapbook from The Lady and Sons.

The green beans were definitely my favorite, but my mom really enjoyed the fried chicken. The meal also comes with salad and dessert so I tried the peach cobbler. It was pretty good but definitely rich. It was fun to be there with my mom and dad though, and now I can say I have been to Paul Deen’s restaurant!

Finally, some things I saw today that I thought were cool or weird or I just needed to share:

1. There is a girl sitting at the park across from my complex on her computer at 11:30 p.m. She is just a college-looking girl too. Does that mean I am in a safe neighborhood?2. I wish I had a dog in Savannah. Everyone is walking their dogs and it looks like so much fun.
3. There are these weird drive-through fast food places but it is just a drive through. It is like if Sonic was just that little building without the drive in places. For some reason I just think that is weird and was totally messing with my mind today when my mom and I were driving around.
4. To the person who told me Whataburger and Chick Fil A was only a Texas thing: you are 100 percent wrong. I have seen both of them in every state since I left Texas and there is more than one Chick Fil A in Savannah.
5. Unpacking is awful and you should label your boxes even if you are lazy and do not think it matters because you will thank yourself later when you can actually find your shower curtain when you want to take a shower.
6. Blogging is fun and totally a great way to procrastinate unpacking the rest of your stuff or taking the aforementioned shower.

Now I need to get back to unpacking. I’m hoping to have it done before I go to sleep. Also, everything I need to put away is on my bed so I don’t really have a choice. Follow me on Twitter ( @kaitlinbain ) and leave me a comment below!


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