Internship Week Two

Today I finished another story, started another and flirted with a couple more. Flirted with as in I sent out some initial calls and read the info. I did not actually flirt with anyone. Sorry, I just felt the need to be clear. My first story published during the weekend and while I’m super excited to see my name in print on the Savannah Morning News, I’m already learning from my mistakes. Sometimes it can be hard for me to not just learn something and move on but my mom and my boyfriend are helping me learn to let go but hold on to the lesson. It’s a good thing. So I’m excited to have a couple different things going on at one time and they’re all interesting stories. I’m enjoying being in this new city and learning about new issues, like the Palmetto Pipeline. If you don’t already know about it and want an interesting read about pipelines affecting Georgia but coming from (kind of) Houston, search it on the SMN website. Also, Mary Landers’ blogs are hilarious. The homesickness is starting to get better. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss my friends and family, but I think I’m learning that one day I will have to grow up and move somewhere and start a career and I’m just going to have to deal. I can’t live with my parents. It’s a good thing to realize that… I think. I also got to talk to both of my brothers this weekend (I’m including today in the weekend) along with my mom and my boyfriend, both of which I talk to most days and my best friend should be calling me any minute to talk about her day. Whoo! I wish I had some funny anecdote or picture to share with you for Monday but I don’t. So.

See? He's just a cute little cat laying on the brick.
See? He’s just a cute little cat laying on the brick.

Tuesday and Wednesday are just going to be strung together because I was not in the mood to do much of anything yesterday. So, I’ve had another story published (yay) and two more are complete and waiting for something. I feel like I’m starting to settle into a routine and with the exception for about an hour last night, it’s easing the homesickness thing. The thing about being so far away is no one is connected to this city except for me. In Lubbock it’s really easy to be homesick because I’ve been there so many times with my family, my brother went to school there, etc. Here, it’s almost like I’m an adult so my body is like, “well, time to buck up and act like an adult.” That doesn’t mean I don’t miss my mommy and daddy and everyone basically, it just means I’m not randomly bawling every other day because I miss them so much. Lol. Yesterday when I came out of the newsroom there was this little cat just laying in front of the door to leave outside. I talked to him and he looked up at me and then laid back down. I have no idea why he’s so tame but I took a picture because he was cute. I also had to start working on school yesterday as it was the first day of class. Yesterday I wasn’t very motivated but did a little bit and today I finished everything for both classes for the rest of the week so I’m done with that and boy does it feel good. This weekend I hope to get even more done so I don’t have to do as much school during the week. I also signed up for a pure barre class for tomorrow, so we shall see how that goes. I’m ready to take a shower and go to sleep early though, so I will write more tomorrow!

So Thursday I worked on a story about compost. It’s actually super interesting! I don’t really have a lot to write, so I will leave the rest for Friday!

Ah, Friday. I finished the composting story, started looking for new stories and set up some interviews for next week. I also exchanged emails with my super awesome journalism mentor as well as Dr. Chambers, who works at Tech and is probably on my top 10 list of favorite people. It was good exchanging emails with my mentor though. He gave me some encouragement and some advice on where to find stories in a new environment and how to learn as much as possible. He’s a cool dude and I basically want to grow up to be like him. Yes, I’m 20 and still talk about what I want to be when I grow up. I also researched salaries of journalists at The WP, NYT and Reuters and it seems you can make a buck in this business and you get there. The WP has been my dream for quite some time but now I can’t help but think about Reuters too. I mean, at that level who can be choosy. WP, NYT, Reuters, AP, all great papers. There are so many that I think are great papers and I would love to work at too. Honestly, I’m just enjoying being in Savannah right now. It is further cementing that journalism is right where I need to be. The internship coordinator at Tech tells this story about a kid who thought he wanted to be a journalist but after his internship decided that was not what he wanted to do at all. I can’t lie, I was definitely a little scared of that, so it’s good to know I still want to be here.

I’m basically poor now because we haven’t gotten paid yet, so hopefully this weekend will consist of some fun free things. My mom said not to list them beforehand just in case a bad guy knows where I’m going to be, so you’re just going to have to wait for that. I DO have some exciting news about tomorrow though.

I was reading an article today about the Humane Society of Georgia and it said they needed people to foster animals. Well, you’re looking at a brand new cat foster! My mom and I decided I don’t need a pet until I’m at least 25, but that means I’m lonely. Also, I live right near a place that has pet adoptions every Saturday. Basically, not a good combination. Apparently, the human society needs fosters for kitties who are recovering from upper respiratory infections. They’re all older and only need to be here for 7-10 days. Also, the humane society will give me everything I need. Basically? The best arrangement ever. I’ll post a picture later 🙂

If you want to read my articles for the week, go to and type in my name. All opinions on my blog, however, are mine and all mine.


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