Internship Week Three

So, I am here today to answer the two main questions I have been asked since I’ve been in Savannah: 1. Why did you come to Savannah for an internship? 2. Why do you go to Texas Tech for journalism? I hope these answers will prove insightful. If not, well, I feel like I’ve done my duty.

1. Why did I come to Savannah for an internship? The very main, honest-to-goodness answer to this question is because why not? I don’t mean that to say I flippantly applied to internships, because that could not be farther from the truth. I did send out a lot of emails to publications, but specific publications for specific reasons. Why did I pick Savannah? The reasons are as follows:

  • I’ve never really been involved in journalism in the Deep South. Yes, I know I also have not been involved in journalism many other places, but I feel as if I have. Obviously I’ve been exposed to metropolitan Houston, which, while it is the dear city that I absolutely love, many metropolitan places, though different, are pretty similar (from what I’ve been told). So I’ve done that whole thing by growing up in Houston and being aware of the news going on around me. While in the college scene, I’ve experienced the Lubbock thing. Yes, I write about college issues, but also drought and gun rights, so there you have the Texas (but I’m also going to lump in Oklahoma and New Mexico because I can). I hope to one day spend some time in Seattle, so while I looked there I know that will be checked off my list some day. California did not have a whole lot of appeal to me, even though I did apply to a publication in La Jolla because I mean it’s La Jolla, because…well because it didn’t. The deep south, however, is this area of culture I’ve only been exposed to in class. I’d never even visited this area for long, much less lived here. So, I was pretty excited about a new geographic location and a new history to explore.
  • Second, demographically and socioeconomically I’d never been to a place like Savannah. I’d heard about how the South was still this way or that way but I had never really been able to understand it. Coming here though, I am finally beginning to understand just how different each neighborhood is. I’m also learning that in most places “Midtown” is not an extension of the city but a part of the area, in Houston, Midtown feels like the city to me. Also, the way Savannah is set up feels like it has stories in itself to tell.
  • Finally, and last but not least, I think one of the best ways to grow is just jumping off the deep end. How am I supposed to learn and absorb as much as possible living in Houston or Lubbock or even Dallas? When things get uncomfortable or I get nervous I can just go to someone I know. How many times in the real world do you get to stay where your most comfortable, be it location or job security or relationship-wise etc? I’ve heard not very many. So why not start experimenting with that when I’m at an age that I can do that? I don’t have any dependents, I don’t really have a whole lot to take care of because my parents bless me daily by ensuring I don’t have to worry about stuff while in college. I’m not only getting journalistic experience but also life lessons.

2. Why did I go to Texas Tech for journalism? Well, first I would like to let you know that I am a Red Raider through and through and I’m glad I didn’t pick anywhere else to go to school. Honestly, and I’ve told this story multiple times so I’m sorry if it bores you, but when my parents and I went for a visit I got to meet Dr. Chambers. At the time he was the journalism chairperson and he took the time out of his day to show me around the WHOLE department (side note: that was in the old journalism building. Cool, huh?). Any program whose chairperson takes the time out of his day to show me around and I can actually tell he’s excited about everything the program and students are doing, that’s a program I want to be a part of. Additionally, Tech doesn’t have the biggest journalism program in the world, you’re right. That doesn’t mean they don’t have some phenomenal opportunities. Because there are fewer students, I get to take advantage of those opportunities more and more. I’ve met (I think) three Pullitzer prize-winning journalists, which is huge to me, I’ve traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend a College Media Association conference, I will be traveling to Orlando, Florida in the fall to attend a Excellence in Journalism conference and those are only a few of the opportunities. I started working at The Daily Toreador during my second semester at Tech even though I had basically no previous experience and now have learned more than I could have ever imagined when I started out at Tech. All this to say, if you can’t understand why I went to Tech for journalism after all of this, I’m not sure I want to know where you would want to go (not dissing other schools. I respect those who have pride in their schools except maybe Aggies). So. Guns up and Wreck ’em.

Today was Wednesday and it was a great day. I was able to finish two stories to go in the paper tomorrow and another to go an another day. It feels good to be getting into the swing of things and be writing. That part I’m used to. It’s in a different environment and the stakes are higher but it’s good to be constructing stories again and talking to people. That’s the part I really love. It’s also good to be friends with Anna, the other intern. I love my coworkers and I have a friend and it feels like things are falling into place. Right now, however, I’m watching homeland and Donna stalk some wiggly thing that looks like a mini worm on the floor. So that’s fun. I also have to write a paper at some point, which I’m NOT looking forward to. Oh well. Also, I will hopefully end up getting paid tomorrow because USAA is fabulous and then I can go get groceries. Meh.

I did end up getting paid just in case anyone was waiting in anticipation. Lol. Thursday I was able to get groceries, go to work and have a really great evening. Anna (the other intern) went with me to the awards banquet, so it was good to have a friend there. I was also pretty happy for the winners and enjoyed learning more about the companies involved. I went back to the newsroom, wrote the story and went home for my glorious day off. I had Friday off because I have a story for Saturday, so I woke up late and then went to try to explore River Street. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a place to park that cost less than $10 so I went to the mall to pick up my cardigan instead. I also took a second to stop in at Forever 21 and bought the MOST comfortable shorts I’ve even worn in my whole life. I’m wearing them right now if that says anything. I then went to Panera and sat there drinking coffee and working on homework until I was bored. Then I went to dinner with Anna and came home and two out of my three roommates were home. I’m not a loner anymore! It’s going to be a busy Saturday though so I need to get some sleep.


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