Savannah Weekend…Four? I think.

So, this morning started at the crack of dawn aka 5:30 a.m. so that I could be up and awake to cover the Savannah Sheriff’s Jailbreak Mud Challenge. I drove over to the sheriff’s area office thingy and went to work! That really meant spectating the race and talking with spectators and participants to be able to write a story. (Also, I hope my story was good. Check it out on the SMN website or look to the menu on your left and click on the Twitter link). Other than the fact that I stepped in an ant pile and my ankle is HUGE, I’m sleepy and it was rather warm, it was A LOT of fun. They really did do a great job and the obstacles were really cool. Back to the whole angry ant thing. So, you know how ants get pretty angry when they’re wet? And they bite (or sting. Idk what ants do) anything they come into contact with? Well, this was a mud run. I trust you can put two and two together. I literally thought I had sprained my ankle without noticing it when I looked down hours later after realizing it felt funky and I basically now no longer have an actual ankle because it’s so swollen. Well, then I came home and took a nap until my cat woke me up. I felt then I had earned a scalding hot shower and a face and hair mask. Needless to say, it was good. Also, still sleepy. The goal now until I go back to work on Monday is to do as much homework as possible. I only want to have the tests left (because I can’t get into those early any way). Think I can do it? I hope so. I’m sorry I’ve been pretty boring and haven’t had many stories to tell about my adventures. Nursing this kitty back to health made me feel bad for leaving when I don’t have to for work. However, I have to bring her back Tuesday, so next weekend avid readers.

PSA: I do tweet the links to my stories after they’re published. I would LOVE for y’all to read what I’m writing so check it out. To get to my Twitter just look on the top left of the screen. Do you see the three little lineys? Click that and scroll down and there my Twitter is embedded.

So this morning I woke up with an AWFUL headache. Now I’m not sure how many of you know this about me but when I get headaches they’re no laughing matter. They’re generally related to my sinuses or my contacts so simply taking Excedrine doesn’t help. I always have to figure out the root of the headache and then try to decide when I should be taking with the headache medicine to ensure it no longer feels welcome in my brain. Apparently I did that well today because after the 20 minutes of agony that is waiting for the medicine to work, I started feeling better. With that it was time to address my second medical issue: the ridiculousness that is my ankle, which at this point is RIDICULOUSLY itchy. I went to Kroger to find some Stingeze but I’m not even sure if they make that anymore because I couldn’t find it and the person I asked seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I settled on anti-itch stuff because the box had bug bites and was on my way home. I put some on and I guess it’s feeling better. Now it’s getting worse again but probably only because I’m thinking about it. Then I set out to finish ALL of my homework. I have now completed every lesson possible in each class. That means in one class I only have two more lessons to go (my professor opens them up on a weekly basis) and the other one I have no lessons, only like four exams and wow. That feels good. It also makes me wonder why I can find the motivation to do that but not study for tests even the night before but that’s neither here nor there. Now I’m here for the rest of the afternoon trying to plan out next week. I’m hoping to go for a walk later tonight, but I’ll go later when it’s not so ridiculously hot. I hope y’all are having fantastic weeks and weekends and HOPEFULLY I’ll do some more adventuring next weekend because I won’t have any homework to do.

Remember: check out my stories.


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