I love the setup here in Savannah and my roommates are great, but I’m missing my Lubbock apartment. I know, I know, you’re getting tired of listening about how much I miss home. I’m just excited that when I get back to Houston I can work on some DIY projects and then be able to really take the time to put my room together. All I want is an oasis. I want an oasis that is a way to get away from everything and just relax. I’m also excited that I have everything out so it’s a clean slate and I can start fresh. Last year was great, but so much happened with the whole roommate situation I’m glad to do what I want with the room. I don’t know. That may be silly. With that said I’m looking forward to next year at school. I’m learning so much here in Savannah and I’m thrilled to be able to get back and put it to good use. Not to mention I have some fantastic friends and a great boyfriend that I know are with me every step of the way. You could say I’m pretty optimistic about the future.


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