Separation of Church and State

For a little snark: whether you like it or not, history was made today.
For a little snark: whether you like it or not, history was made today.

Why yes, I am finally doing it. Before I write this post though, I want to provide a few disclaimers:
1. First and most importantly this is only my OPINION. You are inclined to have your own opinion as well and I am so happy with that. Don’t think I’m trying to force my beliefs on anyone.
2. The fact that this is my opinion means this represents no one and no thing other than myself. My opinions are my own and do not represent any people or companies past, present or future.
3. Finally, I am SO happy about this ruling. I honestly couldn’t contain myself at work today. I went to the bathroom and cried. It was a wee bit embarrassing. So, with that said. Here we go.

When discussing the issue of same-sex marriage and whether the government should regulate it or not I think about some governments in the Middle East. As you may or may not know I would like to one day work as a correspondent somewhere in the Middle East. With that said, despite being an American and writing for an American publication I will still be obligated to follow the laws in whatever country I am in. Just like there are several laws in the United States that are concurrent with Christian teachings, there are several laws in various countries in the Middle East that relate to the Islamic faith. I don’t believe in Islam, nor do I want to have to follow laws inspired by a teaching I don’t believe in. While I don’t really want to get into the whole do I believe or not believe in same-sex marriage I DO NOT believe this government should be able to force other people who may or may not believe in Christianity to follow its tenants.

Let’s be honest. We all know the vast majority, if not all, same-sex couples don’t really want to get marriage for the sake of taxes or any other economic issues, except maybe inheritance and that makes sense to me. They want to get married because they sincerely love the other person. Pick up any news story these coming weeks and you’ll see it. Find a same-sex couple in your neighborhood and talk to them. Most are more than happy to share their feelings and raise awareness. They’re just like you and me and have the SAME desires to fulfill. What if someone believes in a religion that says you have to marry someone of the same sex and the government decided to enforce that law instead? Does that make any sense? No.

While I’ve had these beliefs for quite a while it really hit home for me last week when I visited the Civil Rights Museum. I know I know. Don’t judge, just keep reading. I guess I had never really thought out a lot of the laws that existed during slavery and segregation and I didn’t realize it was actually illegal for a black person to marry a white person. I just thought it was one of those things where society was so segregated and there was so much hate it just didn’t happen. Well, apparently it was illegal. Something about me: my boyfriend is black and honestly? He’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. He’s the most loving, caring, selfless, hardworking, inspiring, intelligent man I’ve ever met and while I couldn’t imagine life with him (because I didn’t know him) before we met, I couldn’t possibly fathom life without him now. Years ago? It would have been illegal for me to marry him. While we’re only going on eight months so it’s too early to think about getting married, the thought that one day a girl like me could have fallen in love with a man like him (or vice versa) and have her whole world turned on its end but still not be able to marry the person she loves is ridiculous. Honestly, it hurts.

So whether you’re Christian or Atheist or Universalist or Christian Scientist or Muslim or Buddhist or whatever religion you subscribe to, who are you to judge? If you’re Christian like I am and you believe someone in a same-sex marriage or relationship or even just likes people of the same sex is sinning and you’re judging them that’s the exact same.

There’s far too much hate and far too many divisions in this world. We are born, live our lives and die to the best of our abilities. We all open our eyes in the morning and close them when we go to sleep. Each and every person is doing their best to live their lives according to what feels right to them. And in my belief? Each and every person is a Child of The Lord. So cool. Let that be it and move on.

In the words of the great Khloè Kardashian, “You do you boo.”

Now I’m done with my SJW rant for the day. Also, I learned that means social justice warrior.


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