So, my newest obsession is Ocearch and more specifically sharks and the shark tracker. Now, I’ve lived my whole life being pretty terrified about the possibility of a shark attack. I guess that’s what you get when your beach is Galveston and you can’t even see your feet when the waves wash over them. The reality of it is shark attacks are pretty rare. Most sharks aren’t out to get you or me — despite what we’ve seen on the news in the last couple of weeks in North Carolina. If you’re interested in that though, check out this link. Ocearch has this feature called the shark tracker. I wish there was a widget to be able to throw the actual shark tracker in here but I’m not that well-versed in WordPress yet. Just click on the colorful link and you can see it. Ocearch tags sharks who then send “pings” when they resurface all over the world. As a result you can go online and see where a shark has been and where it is now (ish. They’re living creatures so they’re not going to resurface just to make pings and sometimes trackers fall off). Two sharks have caught my attention: Mary Lee and Katharine. Mary Lee is a HUGE Great White, by huge I mean 16 feet and 3,500 pounds, and that was when she was tagged. I think she’s pretty awesome. She even has a Twitter account! Read an article the Boston Globe wrote about the person who runs her Twitter account here.

In addition to Mary Lee, I’ve recently become quite interested in Katharine. Also a Great White, she recently decided to take a turn out the deep ocean only to go halfway to Africa and turn around. Who knows why sharks do what they do. All I know is I’m glad to have her back on this side of the ocean.

I think the reason I like Ocearch and these sharks so much is it’s helping to explain sharks to a world that’s not used to these giants. The depths of the ocean is already nerve-wracking. Humans were meant for land so that makes sense. But because sharks have a different way of operating and sometimes confuse a human for something else doesn’t mean they’re all Jaws. With that said, I wouldn’t go out looking for a shark without the proper training. With all of that said, Ocearch, Mary Lee and Katharine are my obsessions for the week. I hope you take a second to check out these gorgeous girls.


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