Top five reasons I joined a sorority

I’m feeling kind of odd today. If I knew how to describe it I would, but alas, that would be to no avail. I feel like I want to write but I’m not sure what to write about, so I’m going to write about recruitment because I’m super excited. Now, the sorority I’m a part of is non-Greek and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m a Miller Girl at Texas Tech University and this experience has and continues to change my life and better my college experience. So, here are the top five reasons I did — and you should — rush a sorority at your university.

1. Sisterhood

I cannot WAIT to welcome some new PNM this semester.
I cannot WAIT to welcome some new PNM this semester.

Now, I know this seems silly and overplayed. I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘There are easily 50 girls in this sorority, how can you guarantee I’m going to like all of them or that there’s going to be a sense of sisterhood?’ That’s the thing. I can’t gurantee you’re going to have a personal relationship with each girl. I can’t gurantee you’re going to have 50 options you want to call if your boyfriend breaks up with you or you think you’re going to fail a test. Honestly? You’re probably not, but here’s the deal: Do you have siblings? If you have multiple like me you love each and every one of your siblings but you wouldn’t tell each and every one of them the most intimate dealings of your life. A sisterhood is the same thing. I have the girls I’m closest with but that doesn’t mean every one of those girls wouldn’t have my back if worst comes to worst. This last semester I had an experience that led to my cat needing to no longer be in my apartment. I sent an email out to my sisters and instantly had people to help me out. Having a family at school makes life away from your other sister that much easier.

2. Service
Now, I didn’t do a lot of service in high school. I did some with various organizations but I never really felt strongly about one or another. I have always enjoyed service but I just haven’t been very involved with it. Through MG, though, I have had the opportunity to be involved with some great organizations. Not only that but now my boyfriend and I go to a dog rescue place almost every other weekend just for fun. I know, animal volunteering doesn’t seem as hardcore as building houses but it’s something that I enjoy and I’ve been lucky to find an outlet to explore different organizations so I can even find an organization I can work with.

3. Campus events

Ya know, just walking in the homecoming parade.
Ya know, just walking in the homecoming parade.

It can be hard to go to the homecoming parade or football games or tailgating before football games if it’s only you and a friend or only you. Most of the time, sororities (and fraternities) are involved in these events already. It gives you a place to go and be home. If it’s homecoming parade there’s a float, tailgating a spot and food and drinks, before football games I think we all get at least three different emails with sisters who are sitting in a specific spot and invited anyone who wants to come sit with them to come. It’s like you have a support system there to help you feel comfortable at events and let you break out of your shell.

4. My big ❤

She's pretty great.
She’s pretty great.

Fun fact: I’ve almost always wanted a big. Since I first heard about sororities and the fact that you get a big sister I think that’s been my favorite thing. Fast forward to having a big, it’s still my favorite part. Not only is having a big great, being a big is also pretty fantastic. If you’re in a sorority, chances are you love and care about it. There aren’t a whole lot of things better than being able to share that with a newer member. Having a big means I have someone to go to dinner with and destress with. I have someone who invites me over to all her get-togethers (despite the number of foreign exchange students always there 😉 long story. It’s fabulous). If you don’t feel comfortable with the other girls yet, leave it to your big to help you assimilate into the “mass.”

5. Shirts and socials
Who doesn’t love shirts and socials? I’m not going to expand very much because you have to know about these two things, but they’re fun too. Most of my wardrobe now consists of MG shirts, not to mention the ones my boyfriend and siblings now own too.

All in all, joining MG was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve met my best friends and had some of my best college times with girls I’ve met through it. If you’re nervous about rushing panhellenic or joining an non-Greek sorority or whatever it may be, I encourage you to at least go to their recruitment events. Put yourself out there and meet the girls. You might be surprised at what you find.


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