On tenacity


Wow, life is hard. Remember when your mom used to give you advice on whatever she was giving you advice about and you managed to convince yourself you knew more than here? Me too. Except I was the kid that would tell my mom I knew she was right (because I didn’t want to feel stupid when I had the actual realization one day that my mom knew everything all along). With that said, while I knew my mom knew what she was talking about, that doesn’t mean I wanted to or did follow the stuff she was suggesting to me. So.

One of the things my mom used to tell me is that I was choosing to let myself bother me. Well, that infuriated me. I knew in the back of my mind my mom was right but, come on. How is little old me supposed to CHOOSE to be happy? If we can all choose to be happy why aren’t we all happy all the time? Well, living this week has been hard. If you know me you know I have some…issues…and there are times they get worse. This week was one of those times. So on top of feeling like my whole world was falling apart I ACTUALLY felt like my whole world was falling apart. I don’t enjoy feeling like that though, especially when I know it’s just because of chemicals in my body. So, yesterday I decided I wasn’t going to let everything bother me. Want to know why? At the end of the day I’m not going to die and my parents and those that love me that aren’t my parents aren’t going to disown me. Sure I will have made a mistake and sure my parents might be disappointed in me but that doesn’t mean I won’t get over it. It doesn’t mean I won’t recover like a Phoenix and be better, classier and more graceful than I was when I started. As a result, despite having moments where things felt harder, I had a good week despite what I’m struggling with and it feels good.

Know this: even those who go to prison for 20-30 years recover. There’s nothing you can’t recover from, aside from death. You just have to keep trying, keep finding solutions and doing the best you can. You take responsibility for your actions, you do your best to remedy the situation and you move on. That’s all any of us can do in this life. Now, when I say you I’m not preaching. I would definitely NOT be the one to preach on how to overcome struggles. When I say you I’m more talking about myself and trying to share my own lessons I’ve learned this week. Take heart. You can do it!

Be tenacious. Be beautiful. Be strong. Be grateful. Be the person you are meant to be. I believe in you no matter the situation.


2 thoughts on “On tenacity

  1. The only reply I can think of for your post is this emoji: 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    I struggle with staying positive/happy for various reasons and I get the same advice from my loved one as you did from your mom and for the most part it works. You are in charge of your happiness. 🙂

    Just followed your blog, can’t wait to read more!


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