Goals are hard


Goals can be hard. I know this because I have set so many for myself and haven’t met them. I get bored or tired or lazy and they just go the wayside. They say having a partner helps keep goals, but who really wants to participate in my plethora of goals I set for myself. As a result, I think I’m going to start a list here, in my blog. That way I can keep up with them and you, the readers, can help keep me accountable. Here goes nothing:

  1. Fitness
    -Walk at least a mile at least three times a week. This can get hard for me as life gets busy, but it’s something I want to stick to. At some point I’ll increase this, but for now three times a week sounds good.
    -Stick to my calorie goal daily and actually chart things. This gets frustrating sometimes because life gets crazy or I go out to eat or something makes it so I don’t want to log. That’s the only way to see habits and correct them though, so that’s what I’m going to do
  2. Blogging
    -Get organized with set posts and times. Right now I have four different categories I want to do weekly: obsessions, goals, weekly update and a weekend update. I’ve set times and days for each of those, so I’m hoping that will lead to organization.
    -Hit 25 followers. I’m only at 10, so don’t judge too much. I’m trying to grow my followers so 25 is the next milestone I want to hit. I will do that by blogging consistently and using social media.
    -Write a guest post for Young & Twenty.
  3. School
    -Bleh. Especially during the summer this is not a fun one for me. I want to get A’s in my three classes for Summer II.

Those are my three categories and goals for now. I know setting and reaching goals are hard, so what are your suggestions? How do you meet your goals? What are some goals you’re currently trying to reach? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “Goals are hard

  1. You have clearly defined goals- which is the crucial starting point! I would recommend *really* focusing on one or two goals at a time. Stretching yourself thin just ends up tiring you out and discouraging you. Your fitness and school goals go well together! Exercising for 20-30 minutes is a great study break, so they are easily achievable!
     As for your blogging goals, I found writing posts ahead of time to be helpful. Having them done a week or so ahead helps you keep a good pace. As for followers- they will come! Comment on other blogs, interact with other bloggers, and perhaps invite people to do guest posts.
    Good luck with all of your goals!!

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      1. In terms of my blog, I’m trying to increase my daily views- I don’t have a set number right now, just trying to gage where I am at!
        In other areas, I’m hoping to get my daily run time to 30 minutes from 25! It will probably take until mid-August, but that’s okay. I’m also attempting the 3 litre water challenge- attempting is the key word 🙂


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