The weekend of the parents

Say hello to my new friend Rocco!
Say hello to my new friend Rocco!

I am currently writing this post with a very sweet 3-year-old puppy’s head on my lap. His name is Rocco, he’s my newest foster and I would like to think he and Macie Rose would have been great friends had they had the opportunity to meet. Rocco was surrendered by his owner because she was checking into a homeless shelter. The other dog that came in with him was adopted right away, but he has heart worms so he has to get healthy before he can go out to a new family. He is a SWEETIE and if you’re in the Savannah area and looking for a forever friend I would strongly encourage you to check this guy out. Oh, also. I took him home Thursday evening after work.

There was a big container ship passing by on the river as we walked along. I never realized how HUGE those ships actually are.
There was a big container ship passing by on the river as we walked along. I never realized how HUGE those ships actually are.

Also on Thursday, my parents got here. WHOO! They came to my apartment to get me right after they checked in at their hotel, and then we walked along the river and had dinner at The Cotton Exchange right on the river. After that we went upstairs to look at their super swanky hotel room (it’s basically three times the size of my apartment) and then I came home to get some rest.

We're precious. :)
We’re precious. πŸ™‚

Friday morning Rocco and I woke up and went for a walk before doing my last final for summer one. Whoo! We ended up going on another walk before my parents came by to go to coffee-deli to have lunch or breakfast, depending on who you were. We then went and took a tour of Savannah with Old Savannah Tours and drove around Tybee for a bit. The tour was pretty fun and I enjoyed getting the chance to 1. learn some Savannah history I didn’t know and 2. ride around Savannah and look around instead of being the one driving.

We also got some ice cream from River Street Sweets and went on an evening dolphin tour. It was so much fun. (I know, I know. Yes I’ve already been on a dolphin tour. It was fun to be able to share it with my parents though). Also, because it was in the evening it was GORGEOUS and we got to see the sunset and it was fun. So πŸ™‚


Now Rocco and I are just preparing for a good night’s sleep to wake up and do it all again tomorrow!

Happy Fourth of July everybody! To say I had a great day would be an understatement. First my mom and I tried to go on a tour of the First African Baptist Church (but it was closed) so we moved on to the Jepson Center for the Arts. There is an exhibit called Come as you Are: Art of the 1990s that I really wanted to see. It was fantastic. In addition to that there was a section of technological art and that was pretty amazing too. I feel as I’m getting older I’m having a growing appreciation for art and that makes me happy. Here are a couple of the pieces I thought were amazing:

This piece is called Reliquary by Andrew F. Scott. It shows black males who have been killed by police officers. It’s pretty moving. I would encourage you to read more about it.

BAD-S-000115-1126Sorry I could not get a bigger version of this piece. This was all I could find on the Internet and you know, you’re not supposed to take pictures in a gallery. This is by Shirin Neshat and it is untitled. It is part of a broader collection, called Women of Allah.

“It visualizes personal and public lives of women living under extreme religious commitment,” the artist said. “A majority of the photographs deal with the concept of shahadat or martyrdom. One finds a strange juxtaposition between femininity and violence. Ultimately, the shaheed or martyr stands at the intersection of love, politics and death.”

us_kaino_01_imFinally, the last piece I really liked is called The Siege Perilous by Glenn Kaino. It’s a spinning chair that sits in the middle of a glass chamber. It’s supposed to represent the dizzying state of the world after the Internet was launched. I really liked it because it felt like the dizzying state of my life currently and it’s good to know someone else gets it too. It’s funny though, a lot of people walked by and just thought it was weird. I enjoyed it though, and that’s all that matters to me.

IMG_1547After that my mom and I went and had lunch at a British pub (on the Fourth of July). I think that’s so funny. We ate at the Six Pence Pub, which, fun fact is where Julia Roberts caught her cheating husband in “Something to Talk About.” So that’s cool. Even more odd is the fact that I had a barbecue sandwich at a British pub on the Fourth of July. Oh well. Then we walked toΒ the Owens-Thomas house and toured it. It’s a restored home in Savannah from 1819 and it’s GORGEOUS. It was cool, they had a plumbing system worked out with running water back in 1819, years before even the white house had running water. Additionally, there was a cool bridge over the stairs in the upstairs portion of the house. I would post pictures but we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. When we went to leave the house, though, it had started raining and quickly went from raining to pouring. We asked my dad to pick us up but because so many other people were waiting to get their cars from the valet as well, my mom and I got a little wet. I even had to walk the last part of the way to my apartment because some of the streets were so flooded. It looks like the flooding follows me even when I’m not in Lubbock.

We were standing under an awning trying to stay dry. Even the downspouts looked like they were going to burst.
We were standing under an awning trying to stay dry. Even the down spouts looked like they were going to burst.

From there we went back to their hotel had dinner β€” at a Greek restaurant on Fourth of July β€” and watched some fireworks. I love fireworks and Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, just so y’all know. I love that Americans can come together for one day out of the year, set aside their differences and celebrate this nation that we call home.

And a sleepy puppy to top off the day.
And a sleepy puppy to top off the day.

So, my parents are leaving this evening :/ and I am definitely going to miss them. I only have two weeks left with my internship though, and about three(ish) weeks in Savannah, so I’m going to enjoy them and learn a lot before it’s time to go home!

Finally, on Sunday my mom and I went to the Telfair Museum. It was cool to go and see all the artwork, but I have decided I’m a modern artwork person, not so much traditional. There were a couple paintings I thought were really awesome though. So, they had to leave today. I dropped them off at the train station and then came back to my apartment to finish off the adventure. I already miss them but I’m glad they were here. πŸ™‚


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