Top five things to do to prepare for college


Getting ready to go (or go back to) school can be hard. Being home and hanging out with your family and high school friends, not to mention spending days at the beach and nights out soaking up the humid summer air, seems like perfection. However, one day that’s going to have to end and here’s the top five was I like to prepare!

1. Decide on a theme for your apartment (or dorm room). Coming back to school – especially if you’re like me and life dictates that you come back early – can be hard when you’re there before your friends. Deciding on a theme for your apartment gives you a new project to work on before classes and life get crazy. Also, it’s easier to redecorate before all your homework and crafting supplies are laying all around your room.
2. Set some goals. Now, I’m trying to stick to some goals this summer and hopefully that resolve will carry over to the school year. I received some GREAT advice the last couple days: only try to set two or three goals to really focus on. It especially helps if they go hand-in-hand. I try to categorize my goals: school, work, fitness etc. to keep my thoughts about them organized too. Goals will help you accomplish things this semester you’ve been trying to get done for a while now.
3. Do some college shopping! Now, I know at least my budge doesn’t afford the kind of shopping my mom and I used to do before school up until about my sophomore year of high school, but going through your closet and deciding what pieces you need to add, a nice blazer, or which are outdated and need to be replaced, a pair of new heels, can leave your wardrobe feeling refreshed even without new outfits to last you three weeks (or more).
4. When professors start sending out syllabi actually look at them. I know it may seem easy to put it off until the first day of classes, or maybe a couple of weeks in, but making sure you have the books you need (and whatever other crazy things your professor might be looking for – maybe a lab coat?) will help you to de-stress when tests and projects start to take over your life.
5. Enjoy the fleeting moments of summer. I know I like to look ahead: look ahead to school, to Christmas, my birthday, graduation, 10 years down the line. So I have to daily remind myself to really live in the moment. The truth of the matter is each day we have is unlike any day that will ever come along again. Really soak up the memories and live every day so when November comes along and you’re freezing walking to class you can warm up by thinking of your nights by the bonfire or your days in the Caribbean.

Chin up, despite it being time to start thinking about school, you still have a couple of months left. By making sure you’re preparing slowly to meet your college needs now, you can ensure you’ll have more time to spend enjoying your summer.

What do you like to do to prepare for a new school year? What are you most excited/nervous about in the new year?


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