On Peace – my fear of the week

This is one of the most peaceful places I can think of.
This is one of the most peaceful places I can think of.

For some reason I feel like this is the same thing as my post about tenacity but I don’t think it is. The fear I worked on this week is more like the absence of fear. Last week it was pushing through my problems and working to keep it together. This week it’s calmly finding solutions and trusting in the fact that the solutions I have worked for will work out and if not I will take that in stride.

My fear this week is letting go of fear and living in peace. Life will be what it will be and the days will come whether I’m freaking out and nervous or not. Living in peace helps me to get sleep and operate with a level head so that I can achieve the best results possible.

I think living in peace is so hard for me because I feel like I have control of my life. The fact of the matter is, despite what higher power (or lack of) you believe in, God or Allah or fate or destiny has a plan for me and while I can make the best decisions I can, life will move on. Living life without constantly worrying about what’s going to happen can be terrifying, especially if you’re like me, but peace will help you live each day to the fullest instead of stifling the experiences you could be having.

Go peacefully. Do yoga. Meditate. Take the morning to drink your tea or go on a walk. Focus on doing one thing each day that will enhance your inner peace and help start the day with a deep breath and a fresh start.

How do you preserve your peace? What is one fear you conquered (or at least fought with) this week?


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