Five reasons I love blogging

Oh blogging. I’m new at this, but it’s definitely taken me by storm. I love to write (something you’re learning if you follow me) and I’ve always wanted an outlet to write about something in addition to the hard news stories I write for whatever publication I’m at. Thus far blogging has provided that outlet for me. Here are five reasons I love blogging:

  1. The blogging community. I love commenting on blogs, having people comment on mine or reading other people’s comments. This is like a great big community that provides you with a space to talk out your feelings, thoughts and emotions and come to a conclusion. It’s a community that empowers people to do things they never thought possible: whether it’s meeting their goals or climbing a mountain or even just getting the confidence to publish whatever photos they’ve been taking online. It’s pretty great.
  2. It’s an outlet. Sometimes it can be hard to keep things all bottled up. If you’re like me, however, keeping a journal isn’t a good option because it seems silly to write on something you’re eventually going to throw away. Putting my feelings and thoughts into a blog, however, fulfills my need to write about whatever I’m going through and might help give someone else who might be going through something similar a different perspective.
  3. Catching people up with my life. Especially while in Savannah it can be hard to keep people updated. I am blessed with people who care about my life and want to know what’s going on. This blog helps me to keep everyone who wants to be updated without having to tell the same story multiple times.
  4. Meet new people like you. By searching tags such as college or journalism major I’ve been given the opportunity to follow the blogs of people just like me. It helps me to learn about other similar people and make relationships and maybe even future contacts.
  5. A place to work on my writing skills. Like I’ve said before, I’m a journalism major and as a result I am used to writing stories more aimed towards news than a magazine. I don’t want to lose my ability to write in a different style though, so writing my blog allows me to work on and practice another style that may not get as much of a workout on a day-to-day basis.

Why do you like blogging? What would you say to someone who wasn’t sure whether or not they wanted to put their thoughts out to the world?


One thought on “Five reasons I love blogging

  1. My reasons for loving blogging are almost the same as yours. It is a great outlet, it is a good platform for improving on my writing skills, i get to meet people with similar interests, and learn more through reading other people’s work.
    My advise to people who are not sure whether to blog or not is; just go ahead and give it a try. You can only know whether you wil like it or not by trying. Dont over think about whether you should or not, because then, your doubts will only increase. So, go ahead and take the risk!.
    Lovely work kaitlin!.

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