25 things I don’t know


I feel like I often try to write about the things I know: my fears, why I joined a sorority, my tips for LinkedIn. So, today I’m going to try something a little different. While I love reading blogs about people like me, and using their life solutions as my own, I also like knowing that I’m not the only one struggling with things. So, as a result today here are 25 things I don’t know:

1. What I’m going to have for dinner
2. Where to go from here
3. What classes I’m taking next spring and summer
4. If I’m going to graduate when I think I am
5. What friends I’ll stay in touch with after college
6. When I’ll finally have money to put aside as a part of each paycheck
7. When I’ll finally be financially independent from my parents
8. If I’ll ever get married
9. When I’ll get married
10. If I’ll ever have kids
11. When I’ll ever have kids
12. If I’ll be a good mom to the kids I may or may not have
13. When I’ll finally be responsible enough to have a pet…or a plant
14. When I will finally have my first REAL apartment (my college apartment doesn’t count. It’s furnished)
15. When I’ll go back to school at the end of the summer
16. Where I’ll be working next school year
17. What is the meaning of life
18. What comes after death (that doesn’t mean I don’t have my beliefs, just no one knows for sure)
19. Where I’m going to work after graduation
20. Where I’m going to live after graduation
21. When I’m going to die
22. Why I’m going to die
23. How many views this blog is going to get 😉
24. My life’s purpose
25. Who I’m meant to be

Well, those are my things. What are yours? What don’t you know? What are you scared of?


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