Perfume, a cardigan and emergencies

So, I spent this whole week thinking about everything I listened to, wore, thought about etc. when trying to decide what I wanted to do for obsessions this week. I was starting to think that I was going to have to write an anti-obsessions blog because the only things I felt strongly about were the ones that I didn’t like. That’s when I realized the obsessions are obsessions because they stand out. They’re the one thing I want to put on or the reason I search through 30 songs on Spotify before finding the right one. So, loyal readers, rest assured the obsessions this week are actually just that (like last week) instead of the things I convinced myself should be blogged about.

1. Tag-Her perfume IMG_1578 It’s funny. When I first bought this perfume it was because the man at the perfume counter convinced me that I was already buying the Armani Code (for women of course. The women one is less well-known than the men) so I just had to buy this one because it was buy one get one half off. Little did I know that this perfume I was being coerced into buying was the more expensive of the two and was the one I was going to be paying full price for. That was in December. I still have it in July. That’s only because it was expensive and I have fallen in love and want to make it last forever. To me, it smells like a younger twist on grandma perfume. That does not sound appetizing. What I mean is, it has all the calming notes common in grandma perfume with a little bit of sexy and a little bit of sweet. It’s fantastic and TOTALLY my favorite. It’s pretty steep though and I can’t remember how much I paid for it. You can, however, buy it here for $79.99. Also, fun fact: while googling and trying to find a place to buy it I found a scent breakdown: white floral, citrus, sweet, caramel and powdery. What did I tell you. Grandma got an upgrade.

2. Torrid knit cardigan
Now, I’m trying desperately to do items you can still get. I mean why blog about it and then provide a link for people if they can’t then go get it themselves? Here is where I’m going to break that rule because, like the conversation I had with myself this week went, I need to be honest and only give the things that are truly obsessions. This is one. Now, I love the cardigan longer than the dress look. You might hate it, but I LOVE it. I don’t know if it’s because I think it looks cute or sassy or whatever, I just think it looks good; maybe even trendy. As a result, this cardigan is the best. It’s knit and pretty light, especially with the chiffon in the back so it’s perfect for me in the hot Savannah summer so I can wear it outside when going back and forth to work, but I can also pull down the sleeves inside the cold office. Also, it’s adorable. You can see it on someone else here and who know, maybe after I blog about it they will bring it back and you can buy it. May the odds be ever in your favor.

3. Emergency – Icona Pop

I was so ready to give you a different song this week, but it really is Icona Pop instead. I LOVE them and this song. I’m not big on the twenties. I’m not one of those people who talks about it being their favorite era and wishing I could go to Gatsby’s parties because boo. I don’t like the twenties or Gatsby the person or Gatsby the book. It’s just too much going on at once. This song, however, has some twenties beats and melodies (can you tell I’m searching for the right word here) that I just love. I tend to gravitate towards music that has something different: twenties throwback or eighties throwback or a violin or fiddle or cello or something. This is one of them. I hope you enjoy.

Well, those are the obsessions for this week. Tune in next week to see what else has been helping me get through the week! What are you obsessing over? Is there anything I need to buy or try? Let me know!


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