Taking Stock

"We make our own fairy tales."
“We make our own fairy tales.” (Please excuse the language here. I thought it was fantastic enough we could all just be adults and appreciate it despite what words it may or may not have).

One thing about getting out of a relationship, you realize how many things you compromised on. Now, compromise in a relationship is vital but so is remaining true to yourself. I’m learning how to balance the two and now being able to take some time and look at my relationship (not just with my ex but with school and MG and work), who I am and who I want to be is a good thing. Here’s the deal though. I feel like I need to re-identify who I am for myself. I guess to take stock of all of the changes that I didn’t notice and the things I still want for myself and those that are new or less important. So, Here are some facts about me.

  1. I love to write and I want to be a journalist
  2. I want to work in a big city or the Middle East; no ifs ands or buts
  3. I love to read
  4. I need to be in a relationship with someone who is an intellectual equal (no more or less)
  5. I love the Lord
  6. My family is really important to me, as are my friends
  7. I’m not a party girl. My idea of a good Friday night is a night in with good friends or a significant other and a movie
  8. I’m going to graduate next August (probably) and try to find a job based on what I want to do, not where someone else wants or needs me to be
  9. I like to pretend I’m independent
  10. I’m emotionally dependent
  11. I kind of take a lot of work
  12. My brain makes weird connections that only Hippey and my mom understand
  13. I’m intense and fierce but I also have a very soft heart and get hurt easily
  14. Confrontation is hard for me
  15. I want a dog
  16. I want to go on dates and take selfies and tell the world I’m in a relationship when I’m in one. No matter how silly those things are they matter to me
  17. I would rather live in an apartment than a house (that might be changing with the whole dog thing though. It’s annoying to have to take the dog out every time lol)
  18. I don’t date someone unless I could see a future with them. Anything else doesn’t make sense to me
  19. I get stressed easily and it makes me irritable
  20. I’m high-strung
  21. I want horses at some point in my life
  22. I want to be cultured and worldly and be with someone who is and understands that
  23. I want to travel the world
  24. I want to see the penguins in South Africa and the man-eating sharks and I want to go on a safari. I want to go to Thailand and Egypt and Spain and see the running of the bulls. I want to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and I want to ride on boats often. I love the ocean and boats.
  25. I want to be able to remain true to myself while still making someone else happy

I know there are more things and I know a lot of those had to do with a relationship because that’s what is on my mind right now. At the end of anything: a school year, a job, a friendship, we need to look back and see what was good and what could have been altered. This is my way of doing that.


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