Five First Week Tips

Pay attention during syllabus week and this won't be you down the line.
Pay attention during syllabus week and this won’t be you down the line.

So, I know almost everyone you know who blogs is writing a post like this. It doesn’t hurt to have another one though, and honestly, we all have different experiences to share. So, here are my top five tips for the first week of the new college semester (honestly, it can extend to two weeks. That’s fine.)

  1. Take your syllabi seriously.
    I know everyone talks about syllabus week being a blow off week. That doesn’t mean to blow off the information in your syllabus though. Take the time to read through it, write down dates and make sure you have the materials you need for the semester. Taking the time to make sure you’re ready now will make it easier when the tests and projects start piling up during the middle of the semester or you have to study for finals at the end.
  2. Meet the professor
    This makes me SO nervous and I usually never know what to say. My brother gave me a great piece of advice last semester though. Instead of just going into their office and introducing yourself (then feeling super awkward because you don’t have anything else to say) go in and ask them if they have any tips or advice on how to succeed in the class. Not only are you introducing yourself but also you’re showing interest in the class and making a good impression on the professor. Win/win.
  3. Get involved!
    If you’re reading this and you go to Texas Tech, check out Miller Girls and the Society of Professional Journalists (shameless plug). Even if you’re a senior, take the time to go to organization fairs and find someplace you want to hang out during the school year. You’ll find some friends with similar interests and build yourself a support system in your college town.
  4. Look for a job
    If you’re not planning on having a job during the school year, this doesn’t apply to you (obviously). If you are, however, take this time with less school work to apply for jobs and go to interviews. You will most likely also be able to get whatever training out-of-the-way before you’re classes get crazy as well.
  5. Treat yo’ self
    This can be something simple like coffee with a friend or something extravagant like a Kate Spade duvet cover, whatever floats your boat. The idea is, you should give yourself a little bit of time to relax this week and the weeks to come. You’re just getting off summer break, where you (might) have gotten used to sleeping a lot and doing whatever you want. The school year doesn’t have to be 100 percent different. Just make sure you’re making time for class as well.

The beginning of a new school year is one of my favorites. I love buying a new planner, I love getting to see my friends again and I love starting new classes. It can be stressful though, so follow these five tips to help in the long run! What are some of your tips for the first couple weeks of school?


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