A culture of hate


I hate people without freckles. I have freckles and I think people without them just look weird. Freckles mean the person’s skin is healthy and they’re less likely to get cancer. It also means they tan better and are generally healthier.

If you’re reading this and think I’m full of crap then good job. Picking something futile about someone and deciding to hate them based on this is ridiculous. Add to that my ridiculous claims about it meaning people are healthier and less likely to get cancer and you get a recipe for disaster. For some reason though, we are so scared of offending people in the world we don’t call people out for their crap. I am pretty sure if I told a stranger my above feelings about people without freckles (which aren’t true by the way) they would think I was weird but they would just say okay and walk away because I’m entitled to my opinion.

Here’s the deal: you shouldn’t be entitled to your own opinion if it’s unfounded and just plain wrong.

Disclaimer: this post is about to be riddled with generalizations. I’m not saying everyone in America is racist or no one in America speaks out. I mean, I am typing that, but I don’t actually think that. Clarifying every generalization is annoying though, so take this whole thing with a grain of salt.

It’s 2015. I’m not sure if you missed it or something but we are about to be in 2016. Slavery was abolished in 1865. The Supreme Court ruled in 1954 through Brown v. Board of Education that “separate but equal” is unconstitutional. In 1967 the first African-American Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marsall joined the other justices on the bench. And on Nov. 9, 2015 the president of the University of Missouri System resigned because of protests by students against the racism exhibited on campus. Take a look at a timeline of these events here.

Here’s the truth about racism and discrimination (one more disclaimer: I know discrimination is a broader topic. I’m not saying all discrimination is based on race. This post was inspired by events at Mizzou and I’m talking on a broader scale) and I’ll keep it simple: DISCRIMINATION IS STUPID. It is literally the dumbest cause people get behind and we as Americans, as students, as people, as men, as women, as children, as adults need to start calling people out. I don’t care who you are or your right to free speech or freedom of expression. The moment when your freedom of expression hurts someone else’s mental, emotional,  or whatever freedom. Well, I hate to put it this harsh, but that’s when you are no longer entitled to your opinion. That’s when you reconsider your opinion and you put a stop to the madness that for some reason is still continuing more than 100 years after slavery is abolished.

It doesn’t matter if people are used to it and it doesn’t matter if people make jokes. My ex was black and he used to make jokes about refusing to speed while driving because he didn’t want anything to go south after getting pulled over. Just because people joke about it or say it’s okay or say they’re used to it doesn’t make it okay and surely does not make it right.

Take a look at computers from the 1990s and look at computers now. How can we come so far in technology that isn’t natural to the human race, technology that takes time and money to research, learn about and create but more than 100 years late we can’t love our fellow man? We can’t love other humans simply because they’re human. No, we have to hate because someone is white or black or tan or purple or pink or whatever it is. We have to hate because a woman likes women or a man likes both men and women.

When did we learn that it’s okay to hate someone simply for the thrill of it? When did someone come to our classes in elementary school and say, “if someone doesn’t look like you then you should be as hateful as possible?” I never got that message. If you didn’t get it either stand with me. Stand up against discrimination. Stand up against hate and say no. Tell people their opinion is wrong. Tell people they have no right to say the hateful things they’re saying. Tell them to leave, don’t let them into your schools, don’t let them into your life and do not let them perpetuate the idea that they are better than someone else based on something as futile as their sexual preference, the color of their skin or the other myriad of things people think are a basis to hate someone. The minute we stop letting these opinions be okay is the minute we start to make a difference. The minute we stop being afraid to step on the toes of someone who is falling all over someone else’s feet is the minute we make a difference.

This isn’t just a minority fight. This isn’t just a fight for the Black people or the Hispanic people or the Middle Eastern people or the gay people or the liberals or whomever you want to cast it off on. This is a fight for all of humanity and standing around and letting it discrimination is almost as bad.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.
-Desmond Tutu-

Disclaimer: I’m hateful too. I hate ignorant people, I hate big obnoxious trucks, I hate bad drivers and the list goes on and on. I’m not saying I am doing it right because I sure am not. I’m trying though, and that’s what matters.

We are a culture of hate. We are a culture that likes to draw divisions in the sand and disregard anyone who stands on the other side. We are a culture that says we were built on all these awesome values, but in reality those values seem to only apply to the middle-class, protestant, white, man and that is not okay.

It is time to stop seeing color.

It is time to stop seeing sexual preference.

It is time to stop seeing man or woman.

It is time to stop the hate.

It is time to join together and stand against those who think it is okay to hate and it is time to stand up for our brothers and sisters in humanity.

Because, today? I #StandWithHumanity because really? We’re all just doing our best to make it out here.

It is time to love.


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