The 2015 instant insta review

I was inspired by another blogger to review my 2015 through the eyes of my Instagram. You can read her original post here. So, here are a lot of great things that happened to me in 2015 through the eyes of my iPhone’s lens.

It's so snowy!

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While this may seem like a random video of snow, there’s a boy out there who has one exactly like it on his Instagram. This past year saw the growing of a very strong relationship and then the loss of someone I thought was my best friend. This is only one of our many memories of doing life together.

#millergirlmonday remember that time when we got stuck in the mud?

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While going to try to volunteer at a dog shelter with my big and some of my other sisters, we got stuck in the mud and even AAA wouldn’t come pull us out.

I road tripped with two of my very best friends to Dallas to watch a Mavs game!


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If you go to Texas Tech, you know this rarely happens. We actually had a snow day in 2015, and that’s pretty exciting, so it gets a spot here.

I found my soulmate in the form of my beautiful little in my sorority. I don’t know where I would be without here. There aren’t many out there who understand exactly what I’m feeling almost all of the time like she does.

I escaped MAJOR flooding in Houston when I went to Savannah, Georgia to intern for the summer.

Welcome to my desk. @shannon_elizabethj @esspyy

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And here was my desk at the aforementioned internship. I spent 10 weeks in Savannah, Georgia interning with the Savannah Morning News. There my love for journalism was intensified and I learned so much more about my craft. It was pretty fantastic.

"'Twas a fantastic day.

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While there I got to go on more than one dolphin tour, a tour of the city, I saw a real-live alligator up close and then much more.

There was also a lot of time spent hanging out with my niece and nephew any time I was home.

I guess this is the debut ๐Ÿ™‚

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I got my first tattoo! I woke up terrified to go but felt invigorated after getting it done. I absolutelyย LOVE it and I cannot wait to get more.

I began my last year as a Texas Tech Red Raider and have been feeling all the emotions related to that and my lack of readiness to graduate.

I gained two of the best friends a girl could have. They inspire me to be the best version of myself that I can be, and they show me every day what unconditional love is and how to be a good friend.

I got the Ms. Twitter award for my sorority, something you know (if you know me) is the only award I would ever really want.

I attended my first and last Carol of Lights with three of the best sisters a girl could ever ask for. Yes, I actually got to see the lights and no, my eyes weren’t closed the whole time.

I got to close out my year (the pictures on the bottom) with one of my best friends and the Texas Bowl game where my Texas Tech Red Raiders took on the LSU Tigers. We may have lost but I had an absolute ball and loved being able to cheer on the team that I love as a student for the last time with a girl I consider one of my very best friends.


This is not an exhaustive chronicling of my year and by no means tells all the tales I have from this year. It doesn’t even do each event chronicled justice. It does, however, scratch the surface of all of the awesome things I’ve been able to do and people I’ve been able to meet. I cannot wait to enter 2016 and make even more memories.


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