Anderson Cooper – Dispatches from the Edge

Dispatches from the Edge

Some of you may know I’m an aspiring journalist. What you may or may not know is that my passion lies with crisis communications (and the Middle East). Anderson Cooper’s journalistic career is one that I would love to mimic within the newspaper world.

This book gives a fascinating insight into his career and what moments have gone into making him the journalist he is. He looks at several different locations he has been in during his journey as a journalist and really blows up the experience. Every passing thought, good or bad, shows the calculated effort he and his numerous teams have made to share the news the right way – something I very much admire.

While telling about his career and his travels, he weaves his own personal story and background into each story about a “far off land.” It helps explain why he makes the decisions he does and what influences his life and his career. Cooper’s father died at a young age and his brother committed suicide later in his life. Dealing with both losses and being raised as an upper-east side child impacts his life and travels more than the viewer would have ever imagined. Not only that, but it almost seems to fuel his passion during hard situations. It helps him handle situations with care and really give each story the time and emotion it deserves.

Finally, I admire Cooper as a journalist and this book confirms it. The journalist who has lost sight of the issue at hand and his readers is the journalist who should no longer be doing the job. Cooper isn’t scared to ask the tough questions and he realizes his allegiance, while it is his job to remain unbiased, lies with the people. He is doing his job to inform them and to keep people in power in check and I think in this book you will find he does just that. I definitely encourage you to pick this one up.



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