Becoming my mother


I love this lady so much and there’s no one else I would rather be like.


The first time I ever thought I looked like my mom it was at my grandma’s house and…well, I don’t remember how old I was but it was a while back. I was playing in the basement and I saw a picture of someone in a white dress. When I looked at the picture I was very confused because I didn’t remember the dress or taking a picture like that. I went up to my mom and asked why grandma had a picture of me in a dress I didn’t ever remember and my mom told me that was actually a picture of her.

I know that’s a weird story because apparently I can’t tell myself apart from someone else, but whatever.

Since then there have been moments that I think I look like her, but always with bits and pieces of each side of the family as well. As I get older, however, I start to realize how much I am beginning to act like my mother. Especially while I was home during Christmas break, I would say things to my brother that would make us both immediatley stop and wonder what is happening to me. (Not that it’s a bad thing, my mother is one of the most amazing and inspiring women I have ever met).

With that said, growing up my mom generally put cleanliness right next to Godliness – not that she would ever express it that way, but needless to say, we almost always had a clean house. Most Saturdays were “cleaning house days” and depending on my age at the time, I would either be responsible for doing tasks my mom would give me, making sure my own bathroom and room were cleaned or the upstairs was cleaned. Now, don’t think we were just picking up the house. This was feather dusting, vacuuming, using the Comet, Pledge and all sorts of other cleaning products. Growing up I thought it was silly and it was not my favorite day of the week. I would think to myself, “there are all these other cleaning products out in the world that advertise ‘no scrub,’ so why are we sitting here scrubbing??'”

Moving into my own apartment boasted being able to clean my way. While I didn’t want to live in a pigstye, I came armed with some Clorox wipes and glass cleaner for my mirrors. Over the years, however, I now have stuff to clean my shower, a Swiffer wet jet (a Christmas present I was SO excited about), a vacuum, glass cleaner, Clorox wipes, and…Comet.

The silliest thing to me was always pouring the Comet into the sink and bathtub, cleaning the surface and then having to deal with draining it all out. I swore I would never use Comet in my own life and then I went home for Christmas break and cleaned the bathroom while I was there. I forgot how amazingly Comet cleans and how great it feels to take a shower on a perfectly-cleaned surface. So, I caved to the pressure and bought myself my own Comet while at Walmart.

I just finished cleaning my bathroom, and may I just say…it looks real good.


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