In 10 years…



Another blogger and the boy/man I’m “talking” (I hate that phrase) to inspired me to write this post. Coming to the close of my college career, I’m thinking a lot about what I want and need in the now: a job that pays the bill, an apartment that I won’t get mugged coming in and out of, some savings, etc. I’m thinking about missing my friends and how I’m going to move all of my stuff from Lubbock and Houston to my new life. What I haven’t had much time for, however, is to look to the future – the far future.

Growing up people always asked what we were going to do when we were older. As a kindergartener, “grown up” was a long way away and I, inevitably, made my first 10-year plan at the ripe old age of 4. I hoped to be riding horses and having fun. I looked even further, though to the age of 24, where I thought, well, at 4 I think I wanted to be an astronaut, but you get the picture. All my life I’ve been told to dream and I think that’s one reason why I’m so freaked out right now. I’m not sure when this happened but I seem to have hit a point where it’s no longer acceptable to dream.

I’ve picked my school and my career path and for some reason that seems to have shut down any possibility to grow in the future. While I love my degrees and my school, that doesn’t mean I can’t still dream. That doesn’t mean I can’t still look down the road: 5, 10, 20 years, and ponder what my life will look like.

In ten years…

I will be 31 (I’m almost 21, so we’re going to go with that) and the year will be 2026. I hope to be working at the Associated Press or The Washington Post by now. Maybe I will have covered political campaigns, maybe I will have exposed scandals within the government for the world to see. If we’re dreaming really big maybe I’ll be well on my way to a Pulitzer or a Ph.D.

I’d like to be married by 31, however I don’t think I am going to be ready for kids yet. I’m thinking 35 for kids. I want dogs though, and maybe one cat. I want to live in an apartment within walking distance to a farmer’s market and be able to grow some plants on a windowsill.

I also want to be having the time of my life with whomever I’m around. Whether I’m married or I have a best friend or all of the above, I want to be having fun and appreciating their company. I want to be engaged in each and every moment and in each and every conversation. I want to volunteer and I want to change people’s lives. I want to be full of life and love and I want people to wonder what it took for me to live this way.

…I want to be alive.

In 10 years I hope the world is more forgiving. I hope we see less color and less sexuality and more of the love and joy people have to offer. I hope in 10 years we stop enjoying drawing lines in the sand and instead embrace our fellow brothers and sisters. In 10 years I hope I see the generation I am a part of, the generation I love, the generation that so many people look down upon and the generation who wants to inspire change will begin to do just that.

…I want to change the world.

In 10 years I want my niece and nephew to be 11 and 12 and beginning to dream their own dreams. I want them to take this world and make it even better in everything they do. I want to see the life in their eyes and the wonderment and amazement that comes with growing up. I want them to see a world with no cancer and less malice.

…I want to have hope.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


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