It’s officially my birthday month!

Take a look at my January! I started school, joined a great company, went to basketball games and hung out with my beautiful friends and sisters!

It’s officially my birthday month and do you know what that means? It’s time for some new goals!! So, here’s the rundown of this past month and what I want to do better for next month.

February 2016


I want to work out at least three times a week. Now, this isn’t actually my fitness goal because I want to work out more than that, but I’m going to put down three times a week, so at the very least I’m there three times a week. It’s great.

I did it! I did it and I’m so proud! While it was not all of January, I went to the gym every day this past week and started doing it for this week. I honestly could not be more proud of myself, because that is pretty hard for me. It also takes strength and determination.

So, the fitness goal for this month is to actually drink my water goal for each day. The goal is 117 ounces, and while that sounds like a lot, it’s totally doable. I’ve accomplished it a couple of days, I just need to keep going.


I want to go into this semester with the back burners already in full gear, instead of just slowly sliding into a new semester. I want to turn in all assignments on time, read the textbook and be present in class.

Look at me go! I’ve had a pretty good start in school. I’ve attended classes, had the reading done on time and the classes that we’ve already had assignments for I’ve done generally well on.

For this month, however, I would like to focus specifically on economics. It’s not a bad grade, but it’s not my best so by the end of February I would like to have an A in economics.


I’m not entirely sure what my financial situation will be when I go back to school, but I NEED to start putting money away for an apartment (among other things) when I graduate. Because I won’t be getting back to Lubbock any time soon, I’m going to say I want $100 saved for the future. That’s not much, but it’s something.

Okay, I technically have this done, but I’m also not putting anything more away, away until after my birthday (birthdays are a big deal to me).

With that said, I will be getting a job in February, so I would like to have at least $300 put away in savings for the future.


In addition to going back to church every Sunday, I want to find a Bible study I really connect with and work through that. I also want to make sure I’m making time for God in my everyday life.

I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job of this. The only issue is the Bible study.

So, for February I would like to actually go and purchase a devotional and stat to work through it.


Finally, I want to continue to strengthen my relationships with the people around me. That means putting my phone down when they talk and really living in the moment. I only have eight months left with those in Lubbock, and I want to make that count.

^^^ I’ve done well, but same.

Random Thing

Each month I want a random goal that strays from my traditional life headings. When filling out the 50 questions that I soon stopped, I realized I don’t think I learned a new skill in all of 2015. Now that seems rather wrong to me, so in January, I’m going to learn a new skill. Do you have any suggestions?

I didn’t do this. This was like the easiest thing but I haven’t had time for it yet. I’m hoping it will come in February.

What are your goals for this month?


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