A small victory


There are a lot of pieces of my life that seem to make small victories matter a whole lot more than the big ones. It’s the day you didn’t want to wake up and go to the gym but went anyway, not the 15-pund weight loss you experienced. It’s the day you read the chapters for class and had a pop quiz that day you were actually prepared for, not the 95 you got on the midterm. Don’t get me wrong, the big things are awesome too, but there are a whole lot less big things and when you focus on the small things, positivity general ensues.

Today, I had a small victory. So, last week I joined a gym – Planet Fitness to be exact. It’s $15 dollars/month for me to attend without signing a contract (I think that’s a super good deal. It includes free workout plans and all the gym you want and, ya. It’s cool). As a college student, however, I have a rather small amount of disposable income. Of course I have some, but I can’t just go out and buy everything I could have ever wanted.

I’ve had a Netflix subscription for some time, and while I like to have time to just watch TV and just zone out, recently I have been pretty uninspired by their movie/TV show choices. Also, the time I spend watching Netflix takes away time I could be studying, reading for fun, volunteering, hanging out with friends – the list goes on and on.

So, as of today I cancelled my Netflix subscription. Not only is that $10 back in my pocket that can go to my gym membership every month, but it’s also a lot of time to do other things put back in my pocket each day.


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