Changing Things Up

Why hello there! Have you missed me? I know I have missed you. This past year has been crazy for me and to say life got in the way would be an understatement. But guess what? I’m doing another internship! That means it is time for me to buckle down and share my experiences here too!

I’m also about to graduate college, so you will (hopefully) be seeing some changes around my blog as I start the hugest transition my life has seen to date.

So, my internship! Starting Tuesday I will be interning with a Congressman in the House of Representatives. I know I have put it on my personal social media, but I’m going to refrain from saying which congressman until I know how much and what I can put on my blog.

This internship means I’m living and working in Washington D.C. for the summer. How cool is that! So, as you knew from my past internship, I will be using this blog to chronicle all my adventures as well as things I’m learning on the job. It was really a great outlet for me last time, so I’m hoping to be able to fall back into it. I love blogging.

So, today was my first full day in D.C.! Before that my dad and I spent the better part of three days making the journey from Houston, Tx all the way to Washington, D.C. You can see a super basic version of our journey here.


I got to see the Washington Monument while driving. Don’t worry, I’m going back and I’ll get a better picture.

We got to spend some time driving around D.C. yesterday and seeing some sights from the car, but most of the day was spent driving to D.C. and trying to get he and I settled in.


Today, however, I actually had the chance to explore. I honestly didn’t do as much exploring as I could/should have done because I haven’t made an exhaustive list of everything I want to do yet, which is silly, but it keeps me from doing much of anything. I will work on that tonight or tomorrow, though. I did do a couple things today, though. I learned how to ride the subway (I think they call it the metro here), I bought my very own metro card (look at me all D.C.-ey) and I walked around George Washington University low-key pretending to be a college student there. Oh! I also had a sandwich from an adorable cafe in that area.

Pro tip: Pay for the real card. It saves you an extra $1 per ride and if you’re just visiting then you have a cool souvenir!


One thing that is kind of cool about my time in D.C. is that I have my car. Now, if you’ve ever driven in D.C. you know that’s not really a “thing” during the day time because it takes forever to get anywhere during the day in the car. I love driving at night, though, so a lot of the stuff I’ve driven by these last two nights I get to see at night without all the people surrounding it and the chaos surrounding the people. These last two nights I’ve seen the Supreme Court, the Washington Monument, The Washington Times’ building, the Lincoln Memorial, the World Bank building, the NPR building and countless other things just driving by. It’s not yet going inside these buildings and looking around, there’s just something so amazing about seeing things at night all light up and quiet.


They have this place that’s like a Mediterranean Chipotle and it’s SO good.

Oh! Also, I’m sure this will wear off soon, but I saw six guys in suits with ear pieces waiting outside a building with a police officer and two Suburbans. I didn’t wait around to see what was up but you know that has to be someone important.


That’s all for now and thanks for reading!


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