DC Week 2 (Weekends 2 and 3)

I feel bad that I haven’t written much and I feel terrible writing about how great everything has been for me when yet another senseless tragedy occurred last night.

So before I talk about my week, I just want to say my heart breaks for the families of everyone who was killed or injured in Orlando last night. Things like this don’t make sense and there is no amount of thinking or researching that could help us find answers to these tragedies. I hope this will propel more LGBT-positive legislation in Congress and bring awareness to those individuals who may not have given their lives but do have to face ridicule every day for their gender identification or sexual identity. You don’t have the agree, but you do have to understand everyone regardless of these things is a human and deserves your love and respect. We as humans owe at least that to each other.

I may not have done a whole lot but it was good to have a girl’s night.

So, on to last weekend. Last weekend I didn’t do much, I was mostly resting my feet and chilling out after a crazy week. I did go out with some friends Saturday night and I saw Me Before You on Sunday. Me Before You was SO sad. It was one of those movies where you’re not just crying but like ugly crying. Every girl who came out of the theater was all blotchy and sniffly. It was a good movie, though. Also, I love going to the movies, so that was nice.

I got to run an errand through the Capitol and see my other man – Stephen F. Austin.

This past week was pretty good! Congress was back in session so it was DEFINITELY a lot busier. I am enjoying talking to people when they come in for meetings and trying to smile at people in the hallways. I feel like there aren’t enough smiles on the Hill. I did get to go to a hearing about energy stability in the Western Hemisphere and that was interesting. When I think about fuel I’m generally very US centered, so it was interesting to think about it in the grand scheme of all the Americas and how they can come together.

IMG_1093I’m hoping to get to do a Capitol tour next week. I LOVE giving tours. It’s nice to get out of the office and I like to see people get excited about being at the Capitol and learning about government. I also get to go to lunch with the other interns on Monday as well as (hopefully) three different hearings on Russia, religious freedom and Egypt, respectively. I also anticipate there being a lot about the shooting starting this week, so we will see.

Wild ponies!

So this weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go out to Assateague Island. Now, you may have heard of it, but there is a book called Misty of Chincoteague. It is about a horse on Chincoteague Island, Virginia and I used to LOVE it. A big part of the book is the pony penning that takes place on the island each year, so when I was younger my parents actually IMG_1117took me to the pony penning one year. I decided yesterday I wanted to go back and see if I could see any of the ponies free on the island. So, I tried to hike around and see some on both the Maryland and Virginia side, but I didn’t have much luck. I looked around on the Internet and it said the best way to see the ponies was from a pony cruise, so I went on one! I had a blast and it was great to just do something I enjoyed so much.

Also, if you know me you know I LOVE being on the water, so the opportunity to just go out on a boat was just as great.

How has your summer been going?



It stinks that I had to zoom so it’s a little blurry 😦


One of, if not my favorite, pictures of the evening.




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