DC Week 3 and Weekend 4

Democratic Whip’s office!

On Monday I got to do an intern scavenger hunt. There were a lot of the places around the Capitol I had already been, but I also got to see the House and the Senate Viewing Galleries and the subway to the Senate buildings. We had a lunch for all the Texas Tech interns, which was really nice. It was good to be able to just hang out with others from Texas and relax a bit in the middle of the day. I also have my first Intro to Fiction class this evening. I feel like I’m finally on the home stretch to graduation.

I found this in the Veteran’s Affairs Committee’s office.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to take someone on a tour of the Capitol! Capitol tours are often a large part of an intern’s job, and I absolutely love it. Sharing the history of the building and of the nation and seeing people get WAY excited about all of it is pretty rewarding. I guess this is how teachers feel. Especially in this group there was a little girl who was super excited about all of it, so it was fun!

IMG_1220I had my first English class last night, like I mentioned, and I don’t think it’s going to be too bad. The professor is big on the only way your answer is wrong is if you can’t defend it, and that’s my favorite kind of class. He also wants to know a lot of our opinions, so that makes me happy. I’m also excited about having some time I HAVE to read and having some books I HAVE to read instead of making the decisions myself. I’m hoping to read more after graduation, but I have to figure out a way to pick them.

IMG_1208This evening I will be attending a KFC reception for (hopefully) free chicken and networking and also a Humane Caucus reception with REAL WILD ANIMALS. I’m pretty pumped. There’s supposed to be a penguin.

So, I messed up blogging the rest of the days this week. I tried, so you got a little bit more information. There was in fact a penguin at the reception. There was a penguin, an eagle and a sloth. It was fantastic. I also did some social media work at my internship and things like that!

IMG_1337So, on Saturday I woke up early and went to go hike in Shenandoah National Park. I chose the Upper Hawskbill Trail, which took me to the highest peak in the park.It was beautiful and totally worth the hike. I also bought a selfie stick while on my way there, so that was worth the money too so I could take pictures of me at the top! It was nice to just be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of DC life and go somewhere where I could hear the sounds of the forest and actually hear myself think. I did have a funny experience with needing to use the restroom in the middle of a trail, which, of course, didn’t have enough tree cover to go in the woods.

IMG_1323Oh, I also saw two deer on the side of the road when I drove in and out of the park, which was amazing.

Then I came home and went to the zoo with a friend. The DC zoo is more of a conservation/research facility then a commercial “zoo,” which means they don’t have as many animals. However, the exhibits are more expansive and really look like they’re good for the animals, which is nice. We actually didn’t see a whole lot of the animals but we got to see the Pandas and the elephants and that’s all that matters. 😉

IMG_1394We also found this really cute restaurant called “Ted’s Bulletin.” It’s like twenties themed and it’s classy, but the dress code is comfortable. Also, it’s like family oriented but they still serve cocktails. Also, they have “I Love Lucy” playing on a wall in the restaurant. It was delicious and I want to go back before I leave!

Sunday I’m just doing the usual weekend chores: laundry, picking up my room and such AND SEEING FINDING DORY!

I did NOT tell him to lift up his shirt.

It was SO cute! I love that Disney is making the second version to so many movies from my childhood. Not only is it fun for me to see these movies but also to see a new generation falling in love with them too. OH! We also saw these street performers that were on America’s Got Talent. That was pretty cool!!

Remember to wish all your dads Happy Father’s Day and say a “woo” for Tech baseball because they’re playing TCU in Omaha today.

Here are some more pictures! There were so many this week 🙂


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