Blogging Challenge Day Five – “Your Proudest Moment”

30 Day Blogging Challenge

People often ask my proudest moment or my favorite moment or things like that and I would honestly have no idea. I don’t really like the “ists” because that requires me to remember every other moment in my life and decide whether it makes me more or less proud than the other moment. I do not feel that it is necessary to spend time deciding on that, so here are some proud moments in my life in not particular order.

  • When I got the Congressional Internship
  • When I got my internship in Savannah this past summer
  • When I used to get ribbons for horse shows when I was younger
  • When I climbed to the summit of that mountain this weekend
  • When I finally learned to drive a manual
  • When I finally got my license
  • High school graduation
  • (Soon to be) college graduation
  • A whole lot of grades throughout the course of my history including but not limited to pulling out a B in economics this past semester and getting an A on my Mass Communications law final this past semester.

That only begins to scratch the surface, but those are some of my proudest moments.


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