Blogging Challenge Day Nine – “What’s in your bag/wallet”

30 Day Blogging Challenge

This is kind of funny because I just switched bags because it’s Friday. I can afford to take my more casual/comfortable bag instead of the more professional one that I take to work on a daily basis.

So, I have lipstick, my wristlet (love my wristlet in a city like DC. It’s great to hold my metro card), a cardigan for when I get cold, some lotion and pens. I also had my planner and my notebook in there, but I took them out because I have to use them for my job!

I think it’s important to really “curate” the things that you have in your purse or wallet. You’ll be more successful with whatever you have to do if you make sure the items you have are items to make you successful.

My planner and a lipstick are definitely the two most important things I have. Trying to get a job, I have to write down quite a few appointments, and I don’t like to go anywhere without some lipstick on.


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