DC Week 4 and Weekend 5

IMG_1487So, unfortunately this was a wild and crazy week for me, so I didn’t blog every day like I would have liked to. So, I’m going to go ahead and try to recount everything I can and then show you some pictures!

This was my first real week of my fiction class and it went pretty well. I’m actually enjoying it (two weeks in) so it’s nice to have that to do/look forward to. On Monday I got to go to a briefing on Net Neutrality and a class on the Constitution. One thing I really like about working on The Hill is there are so many briefings and hearings and classes that you get to learn about a plethora of different things for free. So if you need a quick rundown of the net neutrality decision, let me know! I also ended up randomly going to Baltimore that night with a friend. It was honestly an amazing experience…like something out of a country music song. We just parked and sat next to the water and talked with our windows down for quite some time. It was great.IMG_1479

On Wednesday I got to go to a reception put on by AIPAC about Congress’ relationship with Isreal. Here again, it’s another opportunity to network and learn stuff for free! I feel like I always need to be learning more about Isreal because I believe in a two-state solution, so I need to have facts to back up that belief, so it was good to go and learn some stuff! Then on the way home we learned there were people protesting at the Capitol standing with the democrats who were sitting in so we went to check that out.

This isn’t a very good picture but it was the only way to show the protest.

We ended up staying in the galleries of the Capitol until 3:45 a.m. just watching the sit in. It was awesome to feel like I was a part of history. The House ended up adjourning anyway, but sit-ins are definitely something that don’t happen every day, so it was cool to be there for one!

Thursday I went to a hearing on the “Virtual Caliphate,” which was SO interesting. I know ISIS does a crazy good job at recruiting through the Internet, so it was interesting to be able to learn about the challenges the government faces when combating that and hearing suggestions from experts about what the government can do.

On Friday it was good to just wind down from the craziness. We still had some phone calls about the sit-in and other stuff and we were working on stuffing envelopes to reply to constituents, but the business had subsided and we just got to finish things up for the week.

IMG_1490On Saturday I  did some homework (I’m trying to get ahead in my classes so it’s not so crazy during the weeks), went to an AMAZING Italian restaurant and were given free tickets to a show! It was a show at a gay bar and it was honestly an amazing experience. One thing I love about gay bars is they’re not just for gay people. They’re accepting of all different types of people and it really is just like a whole party. I have been to quite a few clubs where the girls are mean mugging you and the guys are getting a little too close and it stinks to have that environment when you just want to go out and dance. It’s not like that at gay clubs, though. Everyone is just having a good time and the only time people don’t mind their own business is to smile at you or introduce themselves or give you a hug or welcome you. It’s a great non-threatening environment to go dance (which is good IMG_1511because I LOVE to dance.)

Then Sunday we got up early and did Mount Vernon and Gettysburg. It was fun and a good thing to “check off the list” of being in DC. However, I’m tired and don’t have a lot of words so I’m just going to show you some pictures. Have a great week!





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