One Year Later

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So, I tried to write this post during the week but I just couldn’t find the time. Imagine that it’s this weekend for me.

It’s officially been a year since the Supreme Court struck down a ban on same-sex marriage and I am still so giddy about it. I LOVE that our country took a stand against injustice and inequality. I love that we took a step toward equality and justice for all. I love that my friends who like boys or girls or whatever have the same freedoms that I do as a straight individual and I love that I can celebrate with them.

I had the honor of attending a show at a gay club this weekend. Being there was fun, regardless of the day of the week. The LGBT community is one that is so accepting, regardless of your race or sexual orientation or whatever. If you’re there to respect everyone and have a good time they’re ready for you to come join. So, that in itself was GREAT and I definitely enjoyed it.

On top of that, I got to be there after Orlando and a year after the same-sex marriage ruling. That was amazing. It was almost like this community is saying, whether they are doing it on purpose or just because of the way they live, that no hate can keep them down. They are going to continue living their life and being so happy because it’s not worth it to live in fear. It’s amazing.

In the words of one of my friends…

“Isn’t it sad that we have to be worried about getting shot just going to a show at night?”

I don’t care who you want to kiss or who you want to marry. That’s your business. However, join with your fellow people and stop the hate. If we all work together we can do this.

***Disclaimer to (possibly) my mom and anyone else who wants to hate on me because I believe in/love Jesus Christ and also support allowing same-sex marriage. However, Jesus loved EVERYONE and it’s not my place to judge anyone. So.


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