Blogging Challenge Day 16 – “Thoughts on Education”

30 Day Blogging Challenge

This is probably an interesting post for me to write because of the way I grew up in schooling. I am not one of those students who was a plethora of skills that cannot be measured. I don’t get testing anxiety and I don’t feel the need to study for most standardized tests. Testing days for me growing up meant I got hours to myself to read my books because people take FOREVER on tests. However, I do not agree with standardized testing, nor do I agree with the system as a whole.

I was always in the Pre-AP and AP classes. That was nice for me because the teachers would move quicker, cover more topics and didn’t feel the need to dumb things down. However, they still had to teach for “the test,” which is stupid because (being honest here) if you’re in pre-AP or AP classes, “the test” is a joke. It measures the very base level of intelligence and you’re stuck going over dumb topics because someone told the teacher they needed to review them before the test.

Additionally, there are some classes that you have to take regular. So here all the kids are stuck together in one class where each student needs something different. I like the way they do it in France. In like 6th grade (that’s not an exact figure so don’t quote me) they test the students and some go to trade schools and some go on to continue their schooling. If we’re honest with ourselves we know that there are some people in the world who are going to go on to college and some that just aren’t. There are some that have big academic dreams for themselves and others whose dreams focus on cooking or art and that is great. That’s amazing because each different goal and dream is needed to makeup society.

However, by combining everyone and expecting everyone to exercise the same skills and take the same tests is hurting everyone. The academics are bored because they’re going over concepts two, three, four times when they got it the first time. The non-academics are frustrated because they’re learning concepts they have no interest in learning and will never use in the future. In the long run, we’re holding everyone back so no one reaches their full potential and that sucks.


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