DC Week 5 and Weekend 6

Hello loyal blog readers! I hope your Fourth of July holiday went well! You can read about mine below. πŸ˜‰ However, let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us start with the week first!

IMG_1564This was a pretty slow week because we were out of session and the Congressman was out of session. I did get to go to the Supreme Court on Monday for a major women’s health decision, so that was pretty amazing. I love seeing people stand up for the things they believe in, so that was definitely one of those times.

We also had a dinner with a man from Texas Tech on Wednesday. It was nice to get to chill out for a while, talk to him and hear some of the stories he had and eat free Mexican food!

Other than that I just gave a couple of Capitol tours and worked on constituent letters this week. My staff assistant would like us to learn some more Capitol facts for our tours, so if you have any random or obscure ones be sure to let your girl know!

On Thursday night, myself and a couple of the other interns had a low-key night on the town. This was the opening for RPM Italian,Β Guliana and Bill Rancic’s new restaurant in DC, so we went there for dinner and then saw The Purge: Election Year’s preopening night as well!

On Friday after we got off work we went to Medium Rare, a fantastic little steak and fries-concept restaurant and then went to a mall in Virginia for a little while. I actually splurged a little and bought a couple things for the Fourth, as well as a skirt I’ve been wanting for months, so I’m pretty excited about those. It’s funny how much things change when you’re the one who has to buy everything. I also learned, on the way home, that one of my headlights is out so I have to go get that fixed next weekend.

Repping TTU at GMU!

On Saturday I had to take my math midterm. It was NOT fun. We will see how it goes when we get grades back. At this point I don’t really care if I do super well in this class, I just want to pass. That’s all. Ugh. I did get to go to George Mason University to take it though, so it was fun to see another university’s campus. It’s a GORGEOUS campus too. I also got to come home early Saturday night and work on some stuff I needed to get accomplished and THAT made me a happy camper.

IMG_1645On Sunday I woke up and went straight to the Newseum. If you’re ever in DC it’s totally worth the entrance fee. You HAVE to go. I love things that reassure me about my passion for journalism, and this is one of them. Be looking for that post later. πŸ˜‰

Then Monday was honestly awful and you’ll read a post about that later, but aside from that I tried to make the best of it. So I woke up and went to the ceremonial reading of the Declaration of Independence on the steps of the National Archives and “added my name to the Declaration of Independence.” That’s kind of cheesy and gimmicky but still cool nonetheless. Take that Great Britain. Then I watched the parade! I actually had a really good spot right at the beginning sitting on the curb, which would have been perfect except for the people behind me that kept hitting me in the back. Oh well. I had a better view than they did.

IMG_1665Then I went home and took a nap until it was time to go out for fireworks. First I tried to go to a friend’s rooftop to watch them but he decided that’s when he wanted to be a TOTAL jerk, so I left and went to the Lincoln Memorial. That was definitely a good plan because that’s like right where they shot off the fireworks. It was so cloudy I probably wouldn’t have been able to see much from a roof anyway so it’s totally fine.

Soooo, ya! Happy Independence Day, y’all! How’d you celebrate?



3 thoughts on “DC Week 5 and Weekend 6

    1. Thank you! Would you know a good way to get in contact with them? I’ve looked on the website and there doesn’t seem to be a good number to ask for random facts and I have all the information that’s already online.


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