Blogging Challenge Day 20 – “What Makes you Happy”

30 Day Blogging Challenge

So, obviously big things make me happy. However, it’s the little things that happen every day that I fine make me the happiest. So, here’s a list of some little things that make me happy.

  • Flowers
  • Driving fast with the windows down and the music loud
  • Cool (ish ) days
  • The first day of fall when you can finally wear a long-sleeved shirt without being weird
  • Fridays!
  • Coming home and getting in your bed after a long day
  • Perfectly chilled Dr. Peppers
  • Texas Tech football and basketball
  • OKC
  • New things (they can be silly things too, not just big purchases)
  • Making other people happy
  • Exploring
  • Going on random adventures
  • Handing out my business card
  • Blogging

What makes you happy?


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