Things to be Excited For…

Today I'm musing...

So, for so long I’ve been terrified of graduating and becoming an adult. The idea of having to find an apartment and pay bills and go to work every day has been terrifying for me.Like where does anyone get the money to pay bills and an apartment and feed themselves and still buy things like clothes for work? We will cross that bridge when we come to it… However, I am learning there are a whole lot of things to be excited for and the things I’m not pumped about will come with time (and my family’s help because they’re the and really smart.) So, here are some of those things.

  1. Decorating my apartment: So there’s a part of this that freaks me out too because decorations are NOT cheap, but I’m super excited to be able to have a space that’s all mine and make it mine. I can pick my color scheme and decorations and they type of furniture that I want and it’s all mine. So that’s pretty exciting for me.
  2. Having a space that’s mine: All my life I’ve had to pay attention to where the other people in my living space are whenever I want to do something because I generally try to be a considerate person but guess what? Now I don’t have to! I can walk around with my pants on or off, I can leave my laptop strewn about the table when I’m done, I can watch Netflix until all hours of the night, I can listen to my music and it doesn’t have to be an issue and that’s SO exciting I can’t even explain it.
  3. A pet: I have wanted a pet since I went away to college. I missed my dog when she was living back at home and now I even miss the two dumb cats that my mom has (they’re perfectly nice cats, they just have some weird tendencies sometimes). So now I have the place to have an animal of my own. I really want a dog, more specifically a pit bull, but because of breed restrictions at some places I might end up with an old cat (I hate kittens) for a while. Just know I’m gunning for a pittie and if that’s an option I want a rescued pit.
  4. Cute things that I don’t have to worry about people taking: Whether it was my dishware/cookware in past apartments or food in my current living situation, nothing irks me more than when people use my stuff or take my stuff without asking. It’s SO inconsiderate and I hate it. If I’m the only one living in my space then no one can take anything from me and that makes me so happy.
  5. Letting my friends come visit: I know we’re all poor and will be for a while but if my friends want to visit they can sleep on the couch or an air mattress or whatever but they can. They can visit and don’t have to share my bed because I don’t want to inconvenience someone by asking if they can sleep on the shared couch.

So. I will get a job soon (hopefully) and apartment hunt and then begin doing all these fun things and also working at an amazing job that I love because I will not compromise!


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