Blogging Challenge Day 25 – “Your biggest regret”

30 Day Blogging Challenge

:LSDKFJ:SLDKFJS:DLk. I don’t like having regrets and I don’t like acknowledging that I have them. I tend to try to live without regrets, so when I know I have one that stinks.

So, I was in a serious relationship a year ago, blah blah blah. When the boy ended the relationship, though, he was going through a time that was hard for him emotionally and ended it because he couldn’t be there for me with all of the stuff he had going on. Because I was hurt and upset I was just like okay, whatevs, bye. That was awful of me.

I had this boy that I loved and cared about that was going through an awful time and I didn’t try to be there for him regardless of what was up. I just told him to never contact me again and went on my merry (terrible and crying) way. I honestly regret that SO much. I’m not over here hung up on the boy and that’s a whole different story, but I feel terrible that I valued my own feeling hurt and upset over being here for the person I thought I wanted to spend my life with. So that sucks.


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