Obsessions – 7/13


I absolutely love my obsessions post. It lets me see what I’m absolutely loving about whatever I’m doing and hope that you will love it too! So, without further ado, my obsessions…

Mother Jones


So, Mother Jones is a website (and magazine) for some really good journalism. It’s a nonprofit organization that is run off donations from people like you and me (but mostly you because I’m poor) to undertake some major projects and do some really good journalism. I have a couple concerns with the ethical nature of some of their reporting – they let some reporters go undercover to get first-hand experiences and then write about those and add in interviews – but for the types of stuff they do, I think that may be the only way to get it done. The first piece I read by them was about the private prison system and it was AMAZING. It’s very obviously long-form journalism and let me tell you, it’s long, but it’s riveting almost the whole time. Read here. So, check out Mother Jones and this article and tell me what you think! Also, if you care about quality journalism like I do, go ahead and sign up for their magazine or make a donation. Poor unpaid interns and college students like me will thank you.

Some New Rings


So, as I mentioned in my weekend post, I had a chance to go shopping a little bit this weekend. I only got stuff I {mostly} needed, except for these rings! I needed to spend $10 more to save $25 (totally worth it because that’s a savings of $15, still), so I picked up these $11 rings. They’re so cute and I LOVE them. As a not exactly skinny girl, finding decorative rings that fit my fingers is no easy task. I have spent many a time trying to find pretty rings to no avail. Torrid, however, has some fab rings for us girls who may have a little love around the edges. These are only a couple in the set of about five rings, and they’re my favorite. The one on the right is a little elephant and then, obviously, the other one says love with a heart. The others have some patterns, one is a feather, etc. Definitely a good purchase, I just need to remember to put some clear nail polish on them so they don’t get all rubbed off and turn my fingers green.

Katy Perry’s “Katy Kat Matte”


So, I love matte lipstick and Katy Perry, so this is ah-mazing. It’s a perfect light pink for work and it lasts the good part of the day. It’s also pretty cheap (I got it from Target) and good quality! Go see for yourself and pick some up!


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