Blogging Challenge Day 30 – “Your hopes for your blog”

30 Day Blogging Challenge

So many hopes. So many dreams. This blog means so much to me, but I’ll give you three hopes for it.

  1. That it changes people for the better. I have read so many posts from other people that have changed me or at the very least given me something to think about. The posts that challenge me and give me new insight are easily my favorite, so I want to do that for someone else. I want to spark conversations about issues or give people ideas of new places to travel. I want to connect with my readers and I want them to want to connect with me.
  2. I want to increase my following. Now, my biggest goal with this blog is the one above; the one that deals with quality over quantity. However, getting paid to do something I LOVE doesn’t sound so bad either. So, I’d like to increase my following and views so that either I can touch more people or this can be a hobby that I also make money from.
  3. Finally, I want it to continue to be restorative for me. This blog is like my little online house. It’s where I find truth in my life and find solutions for my problems. So, I don’t ever want to let this turn into a place where I have to stress about posts or get hate or whatever it is. I want to continue to love this.

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