Trying to be G[race]ful


If any of this post offends you, let me know, leave a comment, let’s have a conversation and really start some change.

So I wrote a preliminary post this week, but after last night I don’t think I fully addressed the issue. Last night I was hanging out with a boy (whom I really like but can’t be anything because I’m about to move but it’s fine) who also happens to be black, who asked me, “As a white, caucasian individual, how do you feel about everything that’s happening? How do you react? How do you feel? Also, you don’t have to be worried about offending me. Just talk.”

That question was terrifying. How does one respond to someone who has to fear for his life anytime he goes somewhere just because he happens to be a black male? How does one respond to this question in such a way that is respectful and also tells the truth? How in the world do I, a white female, even begin to understand the way he feels because I know with almost certainty that I will never experience that kind of fear in my life.

A friend said that one of the only parallels we can draw as females is that it is likely that if I were raped today, I would never get justice for it. However, while rape is bad, it’s not death.

So, I told him I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know what to think and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to help and I don’t know how to make my voice heard.

I cannot begin to fathom it…

You pull a man over for a taillight that’s out and he tells you he (legally) has a gun. Then when he goes to reach for his license and registration the police officer feels the need to shoot him not one, but four times. He shoots him four times in point blank range and he shoots to kill.

How does this make sense to anyone? How can there be any excuse for this?

Let’s take race out of it.

This year a total of 509 people have been killed by police. That’s from Jan. 2016 until July 10, 2016. Last year 990 people were killed by police. Let’s be generous and say half of those people were a real threat. That’s still almost 500 people who were wrongly killed by police last year. Black, white, purple, blue, these are human beings killed by police.

This is NOT a gray area. That’s wrong.

We need to come together as a people and unite instead of see greater divisions. We need to have good conversation and brainstorm together instead of making it okay to pit us against them.

Saying black lives matter doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter just like telling my friend she’s pretty doesn’t make me ugly.


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