5 Items on my Graduation Wish List

Listing keeps me sane

Life is hard and I just want to write about fun things all the time to stop worrying about all the craziness that is the world right now. So, for fun I will now write a graduation wish list. This is by no means me expecting anyone to get me anything. Just the ability to get an education is a gift enough. However, it’s fun to wish and dream and slapping graduation on this wish list makes it more fun and likely than just saying a wish list for life. So.

Kate Spade Bag
Never in my life have I had the opportunity to own an expensive bag and I want one more than I would like to admit. Kate Spade is my current obsession and love. Her designs are more fun and feminine and less sharp than Givenchy and Prada. I honestly think one of the worst things these designers started doing is designing for the Kardashians. I love watching their show and I honestly adore Khloe, but all of the stuff they wear is too heavy and I don’t like it, so now I’m having issues wanting to buy things that are designed by these designers. Soooo, I’m feeling the Kate Spade light looks and loving my Oscar de la Renta sunglasses.

A nice TV

It’s rather obvious that I’m not going to have the money to afford a nice TV upon graduation. I honestly won’t have the money to afford a nice anything, but oh well. So, it would be an absolute blessing for me if someone wanted to gift me with a TV or a used TV or anything of the sort (obviously I don’t NEED a TV, so I feel like using the word blessing is a little much, but oh well). Being able to listen to my music on my TV this past semester was wonderful and I definitely think it would be a nice buy to prioritize for myself. Also, if it’s not a smart TV, the Apple TV or ChromeCast attachments are great to be able to watch Netflix and such and a gaming system is going to go on my list of purchases I hope to make in the future because it’s a good stress reliever for me.


This is going to (no joke) be one of the most expensive things I do during my transition from college student to adult period. Decorating is NOT cheap and I don’t want to compromise on cheap pieces I only kind of like because I’m poor and I want to accumulate stuff. The first order of business is a bed, a desk and then a couch. From there we will see where this goes. My mom did say I can take my great grandpa’s desk that’s been sitting in storage, so that’s exciting. It’s the wrong size for someone to sit at but I can’t wait to use it as a rustic table for flowers and keys for the hallway or living room.

An Erin Condren Planner

So my mom texted me a couple weeks back and asked if I knew who Erin Condren is. Obviously, I do, but she had just discovered the brilliantness of personal-made planners. Since then I’m secretly hoping that she’s going to surprise me for graduation and let me customize a planner for a graduation present. I love my planners, they’re my life, so to be able to keep my life in a place that’s perfectly organized for me would be awesome.


…With all that said, however, what I want most for graduation is my family. We’re all staying at the same bed and breakfast for graduation weekend and I’m so stoked. I can’t wait to hang out with my whole family and celebrate one of, if not the biggest accomplishments of my life thus far. I miss them SO much while away, so it’s going to be good to just spend some time eating good food, hanging out at the pool, laughing and being merry. That’s honestly my greatest wish for graduation.

Also, a job. If you have the ability to offer me one of those let’s get on that. 🙂


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