DC Week 7 and Weekend 8

IMG_1757Monday was fabulous. It was sooooo good and that makes me happy! We had an intern dinner to celebrate the other intern, Peter, our health fellow, Kevin, and, you guessed it, yours truly! We went to a delicious mom and pop-type Italian restaurant in Eastern Market called Alberto’s. They really spoiled us, too. When we got in there appetizers ย were delivered to us, we could order whatever we wanted (including wine, except I am doomed to be a child forever and hate the taste of wine so I got a coke. Boo). It was honestly just great to be able to hang out with the office outside of the office and get to know the Congressman and his wife. They’re such a great couple and two really awesome people. I am definitely blessed to be working in his office this summer and get to see the way he interacts with people. He’s one of the good ones. The office also gifted us with a picture with the Congressman in a super spiffy frame and a certificate! I’m going to put mine up on my desk wherever I end up working and be super proud of it forever!

So, a good majority of my days currently involves applying for jobs, fretting about jobs and refreshing my email screen waiting for a job to email me back about an interview. It’s tedious, time consuming and terrifying, but I’m hoping this will all pay off and I will have a job that I like in August (or September). While I’m totally ready to get to work and I honestly want to have the stability that a job offer provides, I also really wouldn’t mind being able to spend some extra time at home with my family (especially the two children that I adore and can’t call whenever I want because they’re too young to have phones) and have the time to figure out an apartment and bills and stuff. We will see, though, and The Lord’s timing is perfect no matter what!

ALSO I passed my midterm I took the other weekend. Woo! That also means I am passing the class, which is exciting to she who is terrified something odd is going to happen and she’s not going to graduate.

The had a big group of us take a picture, but you can see my head squished in the very back kind of ย next to the guy with his hand in the air. Oh well, still cool.

So, Tuesday was pretty eventful as well. I got to go to a briefing about SNAP benefits and learn about new programs that would help to bring healthy food to “food deserts.” It’s an awesome initiative and it will definitely help a lot of under served communities. Shailene Woodley was also there (which was super cool). Not to sound like a fan girl, but we totally made eye contact and she smiled at me. I was actually really impressed at how nice and down-to-Earth she is. At least in front of the briefing she seemed like one of those people you’d love to be friends with who is super genuine and sweet. Also, coming back I got to meet Ms. California and she was cool (and gorgeous) too!

Sorry, the lighting was kind of terrible.

I came back to the office just in time for an interview and then the Capitol went on lockdown. -__- It was really just all of us hanging out inside the office and doing our work, but needless to say it was pretty eventful. Tomorrow is going to be crazy as well as we have three different tours scheduled, but it’s good to be busy!

Wednesday was great! Crazy, but great! So I took a tour (like I said in the last paragraph). It was a group who were actually really interested in what I was talking about, which is honestly an awesome feeling. It doesn’t happen all that often, so it was good. We also had a teletown hall. For those of you who don’t know, it’s just like a normal town hall, except it’s on the phone. So we have these engineers call people in the district and ask them if they’d like to participate and then they can listen in to the Congressman speak and ask him questions. It’s actually a lot of fun and I was glad I got to participate.

Good morning lovely readers! I’m honestly not entirely sure what happened on Thursday. There was just SO much trying to push to the end of the week and the end of session. We are now officially out of session and will be until I leave (and then into September). I never thought I would be excited to be out of session, but I definitely am. When we’re in session, sure we have slow days, but some days tend to get pretty crazy and it makes me a wee bit anxious. I’m also in the thick of applying for and interviewing for jobs, so it makes me feel less bad to take an interview when we’re out of session, than when we’re in. I also had class again on Thursday night. I’m so greatful to be getting these classes out of the way, but class on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night is a little much. Oh well. We’re just doing resumes right now and while I know mine isn’t perfect, it’s not like I have to make one from scratch.

Our LD attended a conservation event and he gave me free stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday is going to be a slow day. Our staff assistant is out and the Congressman will be flying out to the district, so it’s pretty quiet around here. I like when it’s quiet though. It’s a weird feeling but it’s cool. I do have two interviews today, so we will see how those go. This weekend I’m anticipating spending Saturday at Panera doing homework again (I’d like to complete all the math except for my final) and whatever English I can get done. Then Sunday I’ll do some fun touristy things (I think). If not I’ll hang out and be a vegetable and I’m okay with that. One of my best friends will be here next week too!

Saturday I spent the day at Panera (surprise) and finished my whole math course! Woo! That’s a HUGE undertaking and it’s nice to know I’m done except for the final I will take when I get home. I also hung out and watched a movie called “Save the Last Dance.” It’s great. You should check it out. It also got me thinking about interracial couples, so be looking for a post about that. I also had the chance to write a quality (in my opinion) post about rape, so be looking for that also.

One of the exhibits took up the whole room in words!

Sunday I went to a BUNCH of art museums, the Hirshhorn being my favorite. I have found recently that I really enjoy modern art. Not only modern art, but art that moves or makes a statement that is not generally accepted on a day-to-day basis. My favorite piece at the museum was called “Warm, warm, warm spring mouths,” and you can look for a post about that coming soon too!

Two more weeks left in DC y’all!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last two pieces are a part of the Capitol art competition and are hanging in the tunnels. I just loved them.


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