Thinking about Decorating

Today I'm musing...

As previously mentioned, one of the things I feel that I have to be excited about is the ability to decorate a new space upon moving out. That means a lot of my time has been used up thinking about and planning how to decorate. However, I can’t decide how I want to decorate. Here are some “theme” ideas I’ve had:

  • comfy/cozy
  • white and clean
  • rustic
  • bright/colorful/trendy

I want to be comfortable in my own home but I also want to be excited to invite people over. I want to have something that works for me but I also don’t want to feel afraid to live in it because everything is in place. Also, I want to be able to use the pieces I already have and integrate it into whatever style I’m choosing instead of throwing everything away and starting anew.

Obviously I don’t have the money to afford an interior decorator, so does anyone have any suggestions?

One thing I do know: if I have the ability to have a porch or even a small balcony I want a big cushion on the floor or a giant chair (waterproof, of course) to be able to lounge outside in. It needs to be soft fabric, though, not like any of that itchy normal porch furniture that people usually buy.

So. Tell me your thoughts! How do I decorate!


5 thoughts on “Thinking about Decorating

  1. See if you can get ideas from pinterest. Ikea and Target are great for finding affordable things. For the most part, it sounds like you know what you want, you just kind of need a visual inspiration to guide you. Instagram might be another good place to look for ideas.

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    1. Yes yes yes! That’s my issue. I find the thing I like and then I’m lazy and don’t want to put in the work to find the cheaper version. Or I get my heart set on the more expensive one and I convince myself the cheaper one just won’t be as good


  2. The Ikea catalogue is super for ideas! Ikea is pretty much the only affordable, reachable furniture store near us, and so almost everything we have is from there. I wish we didn’t have to get all our home items from there, but it’s been a fun experience playing around with quirky Ikea hacks! For instance, my favourite thing right now is using wooden crates as book cases! I definitely went into the decorating game with a clear “theme,” but in the end I realised the theme wasn’t as important as creating a space that reflected my personality. I went in thinking “rustic!” and came out loving “Kate”!

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