Getting a job before graduation

Getting a job before graduation

So, by now you should have gathered that I graduate in 30 days 12 hours 6 minutes and 36 seconds (when I started this post) and I’m on the job search. I’m not graduated yet, though, which is something that people are surprised about. There are honestly an astounding number of people who are surprised/impressed that I’m not graduated yet but I’m furiously looking for and applying for jobs. But hey, the whole application, interview process takes about 30 days, so it’s fine. THAT’S not something I’m worried about.

My dad gave me some good advice that I feel the need to impart on y’all and is the reason why I’m looking for jobs now (aside from the obnoxious urge I have to want to one-up my brothers and have a job the day I walk across the stage. I love them and the urge isn’t healthy. I know that).

So, the piece of advice…

My dad told me that while I’m in this current stage of life: not quite graduated by close enough for it not to be annoying that I’m not graduated yet, to apply for jobs but only jobs that I want. Let me say that again…

Start applying for jobs now but only the jobs I actually want.

So let’s put this in perspective. While I’m interning in Washington, D.C. at the moment, I’m still enrolled in a couple of classes and my parents still pay my rent (bless them) my bills (bless them) my tuition (bless them) for food (bless them) and anything else that I could possibly NEED (bless them). Even if you don’t have parents as wonderfully blessed and blessing as mine, we still (honestly speaking) get a whole lot of perks as college kids. There are discounts at random places and (even if they’re loans) the state gives free money for tuition and things like that. So you’re at a time in your life when you can afford to be selfish. So, while you’re still in college and life is easy(ish) take the time to apply for some jobs, but only the ones you want. Really focus on honing your resume and cover letter and whatever else you need (in journalism it’s writing clips) so that you can put your best foot forward at the jobs that really matter. If you’re lucky, the work will pay off and you’ll end up at a company you really like.

If the stars don’t align and you don’t end up with any of those jobs, then graduation you have all the free time in the world and can take the time to apply for way more jobs (ones you want and aren’t so interested in) and hope something sticks.

For me personally, I’m currently in the interview process for two different jobs I REALLY want and would be blessed to get either one of them (hopefully) by graduation.

Happy hunting!


5 thoughts on “Getting a job before graduation

  1. I’m going to have to write your dad’s advice somewhere I can see it every day! I just graduated in May and I’ve definitely been feeling the pressure to fill my time with jobs other people think I should take, but as you said, it’s ok to be a little selfish right now. Better to find a good career now than get stuck in one we hate 10 years down the road, right? Good luck with the interviews!

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    1. Exactly! I think it’s really hard to not be panicky after graduation. It feels like life is continuing to move and you’re not on the path you want to be. Better to not be on that path but taking steps to get there instead of floundering around on a new path you DONT want to be on. Thanks and good luck to you too!

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  2. Good for you for going ahead and applying! That’s what I’m planning on doing as I start my senior year, because I know it’s going to take some time to find something that will be a good fit. I know so many people that think they can wait and then end up with a crappy job because they had to take what they could get to pay the bills.

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