On planning…


Do you ever have those times when you stop and you’re like, “Silly Jesus, you know exactly what you’re doing here don’t you?” (My mom thinks saying things like “silly Jesus” is bad but I think he’s totally okay with it. I like to believe Jesus likes to have fun and tell jokes too).

So, I’m going about my business, texting my mom and one of my littles about how hard it is to plan what is essentially the whole rest of my life when I’m in the process of interviewing for jobs. I don’t know if either job will hire me or where I will be in less than a month’s time. I’m getting a little better about relaxing into it, but it still starts to make me nervous as life approaches.

Today the task was to figure out possible salaries and the amount of money that would be taken out for taxes each month, then figure out 30 percent of that and look at housing options to see if it’s even possible to make a living in each area. Update: it is in both areas. Additionally, I found a couple options that are actually pretty good and I’m excited about. So then I went back to being frustrated with my life being up in the air. I decided to take that frustration out on Pinterest and this is what I found.

The Lord is always with us and he’s here to guide us on his path. His path is the best option and while sometimes it may be trying and hard to get along, it’s still the one that will help the most in the long run. Continue on The Lord’s path, pray that he will help you find it and listen when you need help. I can guarantee he’ll come through in some way or form.


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