Millennials and Dating

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I hate dating. I hate dating so much. However, I don’t hate dating because first dates or awkward or because I don’t want to get hurt. I just don’t see the point. The way it always usually happens: we exchange numbers, text for a while, date, get in a relationship and then break up for whatever reason. I’m left sad and he has whatever emotions he has and then he moves on with his life and so do I. For an added twist, it seems that the breaking up and being sad has come when I need it the least: finals week, work is getting stressful, all times when I really need to be focused.

I read a post today, though, and apparently I’m not the only one. Millennials just aren’t dating. According to Psychology Today, 59 percent of adults 18-29 were married in 1960 and now only 20 percent of adults of the age are married in 2011. The post that I read said other millennials aren’t dating either and these stats help make that claim!

If you’re asking me, I just don’t care. It’s a whole lot of time and work to put into someone for what is likely going to be little reward. I want to care about my career and my own well-being and it’s hard to do that with someone else. I want to be the best me I can be and I think I can do that better on my own.

Dating these days is full of mind games and being coy and I honestly don’t have time for it or the desire to play. I want something lasting and real, not something I have to make a calculated strategy for. Dating should be fun, not akin to a battle strategy. I’m too busy trying to change and better the world, and I think my peers are too.

It’s like that movie, “How to be Single.” I think it’s the time for all of us to be friends and try to change the world together. We can date and marry and settle down when we’re old. For now, here’s to being young, here’s to being present and here’s to being twenty something.

What about you, do you like dating?


10 thoughts on “Millennials and Dating

  1. I HATE dating and it’s so true for most millennials. We just have other things to do right now and that’s totally okay! I think the more time you spend on yourself, the easier it will be to find a good partner in the future. Everyone is always in a rush but we have more time than we think 🙂

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  2. So many of my friends have this philosophy too. Who has time for casual dating in their twenties?? I’m in a bit of a different place — I’m in a committed 2.5 year relationship, so at this point it’s really about trying to balance the dreams that we share with our own individual dreams, which is really a struggle sometimes. Life is all about balance I suppose!

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  3. Very true. It’s time we stop living our lives and judging our lives based on socially-constructed “check points.” We are what we are and what we want to be. 🙂

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  4. This is such a great post! Your voicing what all we millennials feel. I wish we could just fast forward to the married part though to be fair. I hate the games. Wish dating could be realness rather than showing the other person only the ‘best’ parts of you.

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  5. In opinion dating nowadays can be difficult because alot of people between the age of 18-29 are focused on other priorities. I tend to believe that dating shouldn’t be hard but we make it hard by playing mind games & having extreme expectations at a age when most of us are still working towards our goals. Great post btw!

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