Obsessions 7/27


So, apparently I’m a loser and it will have been three weeks now since I’ve done an obsessions post. Sorry about that! I’m just trying to get this whole calendar/blogging thing worked out in a way that works for me and it definitely looks like this way wasn’t working. Ha! So, what am I obsessing over this week?

Jobs and Moving – My posts are about jobs and all my Pinterest pins are about moving into a new apartment. Ack! I’m definitely excited for this big change in my life, but it’s a wee bit daunting too. I had a realization the other day, “Getting a job is not like having money come in each month while I get to just sit around and play the whole day, no, it’s real work all the time.” I’m hoping to end up at a job where I love what I’m doing so much that it’s not like work.

Pinterest – With all of that said, I’m definitely obsessing over Pinterest right now. It’s giving me a space to be able to express all my nervous energy and be creative at the same time (however, you’re probably seeing that with the amount I’ve been blogging as well. Oh well, it’s good for me and it’s fun!

My niece and nephew – So, I’m obsessed with my niece and nephew all the time. They’re literally the most adorable kids I’ve ever had the opportunity to be around in my life. Being away from them is super hard, because unlike the rest of my family, I can’t just pick up the phone and call their cell phone whenever I want, so that’s kind of sad and no fun. So, I’ve been watching videos and looking at pictures of them quite a bit lately because I MISS them. However, I will see them in less than a week now, so that’s exciting.

Woo! What are your obsessions for the week?


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