DC Week 9 and Weekend 10

It’s my last week/weekend in DC y’all! Woo!

So, as can be expected this week is pretty darn slow. Not only are we deep into the longest recess in Congressional history, but it’s also all the interns (and the fellow’s) last week. So, we’ve been answering the few phone calls and doing what we can to help out.

My gelato and a cute little plant.

I did get to have coffee (except I opted for gelato) for a woman who, I believe, has become a friend during my time in DC. She’s a friend of a friend/professor person and she’s quite literally one of the coolest people I’ve ever me. She also works as a full-time journalist, so it is definitely relaxing to be able to sit down with a journalist who thinks/feels (ish) like I do and just chat. So that was good. She also gave me job motivation and J-school motivation, so that was great. Also, if you’re every in DC and want to try out some good coffee or gelato, check out Dolcezza. There’s one in Dupont and one on 14th and it’s TOTALLY delish.

I did some super city things on my way back from gelato though, and I was pretty proud of myself.

  1. I used the escalator with no handrail because I stuff that needed to be done. We’ve come a long way from the little girl who needed her grandma to go up and down the escalator with her to help her conquer her fear.
  2. I went straight from work to get coffee with someone. Can you be any more city? 😉
  3. I got home from somewhere that was 3 bus stops and 6 metro stops away without using Google maps or the map in the station. I know. I’m fabulous.

IMG_1914My mama came on Thursday! I’m so excited to see her and hang out and get to see a little bit of the city together and then road trip it back to Houston together. Road tripping with her from Atlanta last year was so great and I’m really looking forward to being able to do it again. I didn’t get to see much of her Thursday but we did have a nice dinner at Medium Rare (yum) and then went back to the hotel and got a good night’s sleep in a comfy bed. So that’s awesome.

IMG_1907Friday morning we got up early and I gave her a tour of the capitol! WOO! It was so fun to be able to show her the capitol and she was more interested than I thought she was going to be. Then I went to work and she went to the botanic gardens and then we met in the middle and had lunch. It’s so great that she’s here.

I completed my internship! I am officially an alum of the Texas Tech Congressional Internship program and that’s so exciting! I learned so much about myself and life on The Hill while here and it was certainly an invaluable experience. The goodbyes were a wee bit hard, as all goodbyes are, but it’s good to know it’s not goodbye forever.

After work my mama and I came back to the hotel so I could sit on hold with Honda for an hour and a half – something I am not happy about as I have been dealing with customer service for weeks now. I will NOT be owning a Honda in the future. That’s for sure. We (hopefully) got it all worked out and then went and had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant in Eastern Market. After our dinner we came back to the room and passed out. It’s good to know I don’t have to wake up early in the morning. 🙂

Oh my goodness Saturday was a day! I mean, obviously it was a day but we woke up, got some lunch and then took the metro from Crystal City to Capitol South (a rather long ride with luggage but totally fun with my mama) to pick up my car so we could trade it in for the rental. Mission accomplished! Also, the Enterprise guy was so cute so that was a plus. He’s finishing up his last year at Penn State as a business major. Ahh, if only I was living in Pennsylvania. Kidding! Ha.

IMG_1929So, the car we got is definitely not on my short list of cars to purchase in the near(ish) future, but it’s all good. It’s a vehicle and it’s safe. Then we packed up all my belongings, drove to Baltimore and walked around for a bit and then got on the road. Because we started out pretty late we didn’t drive very far, but it was good to get a least a little bit done so the rest will be less awful.

IMG_1934After we got to the hotel my mom and I had pizza and a movie night. It’s been so long since I’ve just been able to hang out and be me and enjoy pizza and a movie with someone I know cares about me with all of hr heart, so it was really good. Also, the movie we watched was super good. If you haven’t watched The Intern, check it out. You’ll be seeing some blogs tackling some topics in that movie. However, seriously, so good. Look at it.

So, ya. That was my Saturday! Love my mama and spending time with her. 🙂

On Sunday we basically just drove all day and then went to the hotel and went to sleep.



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