Things to be Excited For (Part 2)

Today I'm musing...

So, I loved writing my last things to be excited for post because it let me think about the cool things about being an adult and having my own place instead of the terrifying fear of how in the world I’m going to handle everything. So, here are some more things to be excited for.

  • Being able to subscribe to Birchbox again – so this one might take a hot second because I don’t anticipate having disposable income right away, but the prospect of this is so exciting for me. I LOVED Birchbox when I had it, so the idea that I will be able to have it again because I’ll have a permanent address is awesome and exciting.
  • Having a permanent address – I don’t think there are a whole lot of you who would understand this, but not having a permanent address makes life hard. You always have to try to remember which address is recorded where and then remembering a new address isn’t fun either. Additionally, this new address that I’m at has issues receiving mail, so that’s NOT fun (especially when I’m waiting for a new debit card to come in).
  • Having a place to put things – so I’ve currently fallen in love with an apartment in Washington state (which is dumb because who knows if that’s where I’ll end up or if it’ll be available when I’m ready to sign). The rent is soooo within my budget because housing is cheaper there and I love the layout. It’s also a two bedroom, which I don’t need, but if it’s the smallest option they have and it’s still within my price range who am I to be upset? I secretly want that extra room so whatever pet I have will have space to go. However, they have a pet weight limit of 25 lbs, but we will cross that bridge when/if we come to it. There’s also an extra space for storage, a balcony/patio and everything is a nice little room instead of a straight line kitchen. It’s exciting.
  • Being able to leave my stuff out – One of the WORST things about living in a house with a bunch of other peopleย is I have to put all my stuff away when I’m done (this sounds ridiculous). Let me explain. I’m a girl. I use makeup and a straightener every morning. I do not like to live out of a bag. Because I don’t have a space for my makeup I have to put it away every single morning when I’m done with it and that’s just frustrating and doesn’t work well for me. So.
  • My first weekend in my new home – So, it might not end up being my first weekend depending on how much time I have to move in and such, but my first full slow weekend is exciting. I can watch Netflix and chill by myself and I don’t have to worry about it. No one is going to judge me for wanting to be a hermit and that’s awesome. I can walk around with no pants on all day and do the dishes when I want.
  • Meal prep – Meal prep makes life so easy but it’s hard with roommates/housemates. You don’t want to be in the way and cooking a week’s worth of food is definitely in the way. Now, in my own kitchen, I can cook whatever I want when I want and take up as much space in the fridge as I want. Woo!
  • Playing music while I get ready – Enough said

So ya, I’m pretty stoked about life on my own. It’s honestly good for me to finally feel excited because I’ve been terrified for so long. It’s going to be good and if for some reason I can’t do it, I have an amazing support system to help me when I fall. Woo!


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